SACHA Broadcast — Feminist Links & Hijinks No. 23


Wow.  So much feminist internets to share!

It’s hard to unlearn all of the ‘don’t get raped’ messages that we send young women.  Jen Zoratti confronts the idea that rape is caused by women choosing to drink in the Winnipeg Free Press article Rapists, Not Drinking, Cause Rape:

Anti-rape efforts continue to target women instead of rapists — the leading cause of rape, so I’m told. High-profile cases, such as Steubenville and Maryville, continue to be mishandled by media. The victim’s choices are still made the focus, with TV pundits asking, “Well, what did she expect?” (I think it a very reasonable expectation to go out and even — gasp! — have some drinks and not to get raped). Commenters on news stories liken sexual assault to stolen property (sorry, I can’t leave my vagina at home). People wring their hands over the “promising futures” of rapists who happen to be star football players.


Wish that sexual assault was covered better in mainstream media?  The femifesto collective is doing something about it.  Anyone who cares about the issue of sexual assault should read Reporting on Sexual Assault: A Toolkit for Canadian Media.

reporting on sexual assault

(also there’s otters…)


At the end of December, Statistics Canada released a study about gender differences in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and computer science (STEM) programs at university:

52% of boys who had mathematics marks in the 80% to 89% range in high school chose a STEM program, compared with 22% of girls in the same category and 41% of girls who had marks in the 90% to 100% range.


The Guelph Resource Centre for Gender Empowerment and Diversity is offering a Wen Do course on January 25th.  From Wen Do’s website:

We recognize that women and girls already have a wealth of experience in protecting their own safety. We believe that women can use their bodies effectively, as they are — older or younger, athletic or not, disabled or non-disabled — to resist or defuse violent situations. We aim to build on participants’ prior knowledge and increase their self-confidence by teaching a variety of awareness, avoidance and verbal self-defence strategies, and simple, practical physical techniques that are designed to be effective even against a larger and stronger attacker.

We aim to increase the choices available to women, and to provide suggestions and ideas, not a list of do’s and don’ts. We emphatically reject any approach that tries to blame women and girls for having “provoked” or “failed to prevent” violent attempts to dominate and control them. We believe that ultimately each woman must make her own decision about how to respond to a particular situation.


A shelter in Spokane, Washington considers how survivors’ privacy and needs while healing from trauma in how we design women’s shelters (via Can You Relate).


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