Why Do You Volunteer At SACHA?


It’s #NationalVolunteerWeek. We could go on and on about how important volunteers are at SACHA and how much we admire their amazingness – we already did in this post!

We thought we’d also hand the mic to our volunteers and let them explain why they give so much to SACHA:

“I volunteer at SACHA because it warms my heart to know there are so many wonderful feminists in the world! Thank goodness for SACHA!” – Katie, Take Back the Night volunteer

‘I love SACHA because it creates a wonderful human connection in a time of need and I fell like there are so few opportunities to share openly and be loving in response.’ – SACHA Support Line volunteer

“I volunteer at SACHA because I believe survivors.” – Jordan, Take Back the Night Committee Member Continue reading

We Heart SACHA Volunteers


we heart sacha volunteers

SACHA volunteers donated 10 454 hours last year.

Volunteers warmly listen on our support line, organize events, give important input on committees, and bring their general intersectional feminist awesomeness to SACHA.

We appreciate their skills and gifts SO MUCH!

No jokes, SACHA would not exist without these exquisite humans.

If you know a wonderful SACHA volunteer, please ask them if they’d like a hug or a high five and tell them it’s from us.

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Looking for Support Line Volunteers


SACHA’s looking for awesome women and gender non-conforming folks who would like to help survivors of sexual violence.

You get an amazing 16 week training and answer the line from your home.

“I love SACHA because it allows me to connect with a wonderful feminist community.” – Current SACHA volunteer

Training starts in February. It’s good idea to get in contact with Miriam at the beginning of January to get the process started.

As a part of SACHA’s work to end racism and other oppressions, we especially encourage folks who identify as:

  • genderqueer and/or gender non-conforming,
  • who are Indigenous,
  • immigrant,
  • refugee,
  • lesbian,
  • bisexual,
  • two spirited,
  • queer,
  • racialized,
  • and/or who live with disAbilities,
  • and/or who experience any other oppressions to apply.

Have questions?

Don’t talk yourself out of volunteering! Lots of current volunteers had concerns when they started.

This incredible PDF can answer lots of your questions.

Contact Miriam, SACHA’s 24 Hour Support Line Coordinator, for more information -clvol@sacha.ca or 905.525.4573 x222.


Volunteer With SACHA!


Passionate about ending sexual violence and oppression? Want to work with an awesome feminist organization? Want to meet other cool folks in Hamilton?

We’re looking for awesome women and gender non-conforming folks who want to help to organize Chocolate Fest and offer support on our 24 Hour Support Line.

CF Committee Call Out

Chocolate Fest is SACHA’s largest fundraiser. If you’re interested in helping to organize this year’s Chocolate Fest, contact Annie for more information – annie@sacha.ca.


Women-identified and gender non-conforming volunteers answer SACHA’s support line twenty-four hours a day from their homes.  A sixteen week training is provided for all interested volunteers.  For more information check out this PDF or contact Miriam – clvol@sacha.ca or 905.525.4573 x222.

Check out our website to find out all the other ways you can get involved at SACHA!

SACHA Support Line Volunteer Info Session


SnipImageAre you passionate about women’s rights, supporting survivors of sexual assault and ending violence in our community? Volunteer for SACHA! There are lots of ways to get involved at SACHA, but we’re especially looking for women-identified folks who would like to volunteer on our 24 Hour Support Line. As part of SACHA’s work against racism and other oppressions, we strive to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. Women-identified folks who are First Nations, Métis, immigrant, refugee, lesbian, bisexual; women from racialized communities, women with disAbilities and trans women are encouraged to apply. Have questions about the commitment involved or the amazing in-depth training? Come meet Sandra and Miriam and ask all of your questions. When: Tuesday, February 10th at 5pm Where: YWCA – 75 MacNab Street South, Hamilton ON – Room 313 There’s no need to RSVP but if you have questions about the information session or volunteering on the Support Line contact: – Miriam – Support Line Coordinator – clvol@sacha.ca – Sandra – Diverse Communities Outreach Coordinator – sandra@sacha.ca

Notes From a SACHA Volunteer


Found this awesome note from Take Back the Night event volunteer Diane on my desk today.


She wrote, “I had a really great time at last year’s [Take Back the Night] event and just knowing that the people at SACHA work hard at trying to support survivors and fight violence against women is quite awesome.”

I am constantly blown away by the kindness of SACHA volunteers.

— erin