Why Do You March? #8


I march because I am a survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse. — TBTN Participant

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Signs of change…


A big shout out to all the amazing women and children who came out to create beautiful and inspiring signs for change at the Good Shepherd Women’s Services solidarity sign making event on Monday eve.

See you all on Thursday!

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TBTN interview with Eileen


Eileen is a very active Hamiltonian with a penchant for social justice committee work. She is a volunteer with SACHA’s crisis/support line, and is also a member of TBTN’s organizing committee. Jen caught up with Eileen to ask her a few questions about her experiences with TBTN over the years.

J:  Last year, Hamilton celebrated its 30th anniversary of TBTN. As a long time Hamiltonian, what are some of your thoughts about how the event has grown and changed over the years?

E:  It was amazing to see how many women attended the event last year.  That is the growth that is the most important.  We need to reach out, touch and recruit as many women as possible to fight violence.

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TBTN Hamilton interviews the most excellent Andrea


Andrea is a crisis/support line volunteer with SACHA, a first time member of the TBTN Hamilton organizing committee, a student in the Social Service Worker program at Mohawk College, and an avid collective gardener!

Jen: What first drew you to TBTN and how old were you when you first started marching?

Andrea: What drew me to take back the night the first time was actually a teacher who was at the school that I’d been talking to, and I mentioned that I was reading a book by Jessica Valenti called Full Frontal Feminism and she asked me if I identified as a feminist…and I was unsure at the time, but she let me know about TBTN and so I got excited and I wanted to be a part of it—I was 17 at the time. Continue reading