Interview with SACHA’s Finn


Finn has been doing a work placement at SACHA since January.

Finn’s working on finishing their high school degree and is constantly on the lookout for more puppies to cuddle.

They kindly allowed us to interview them for our blog:

Why did you choose a placement with SACHA – an intersectional feminist collective?

I chose SACHA because I knew it was an intersectional feminist organization. I am an intersectional feminist and thought it would be a good way to improve my knowledge and also just help me to improve on being a better feminist which is very important to me. Continue reading


SACHA is Here For You During the Holidays


Holiday season: for some it’s a happy season, for some – not so much.

Some survivors struggle with loneliness or tough feelings during the holidays. Friends and families can have questions about how they can help a survivor.

SACHA’s 24 hour support line will be available 24/7 to support survivors of sexual violence – and their friends and family. 905-525-4162.

December 6th in Hamilton


December 6th is the International Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

We celebrate on December 6th because it is the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre – a shooting at ‘École Polytechnique de Montréal, where women engineering students were separated from the men and killed.

They died because they were women.

We remember the dead, those who have died this year because of misogynist violence. We fight to prevent all forms of violence and oppression.

There are two events happening in Hamilton this year: Continue reading

Messages for Survivors


Hurt and healing are deeply personal for every person. This is at once validating, because it reinforces the realness of each survivor’s individual experiences, but it can also feel isolating. It can be tempting to try to build yourself back up on your own, as a way of reclaiming choice and power that had been denied and taken from you, but be reminded that community – good community – is here to empower you.

Here are a few messages passers-through in the SACHA office want to remind other survivors:

“No shame, no blame (not of you) J”
“We are OK”
“You did not do anything wrong.”
“Your worth is not based on others’ opinions…”
“You are NOT alone”
“It’s amazing how many of us are on the same road”
“You can do anything. You just can’t do it alone.”
“healing is possible”
“You are stronger than you believe”
“This is a good place!”
“Keep moving forward”
“Ask for help if you need it.”
“It’s NOT your fault!”
“Never lose hope”
“It is possible”
“It’s okay to cry!!! Don’t hold it in.”
“Believe in healing.”
“Be kind to yourself.”
“Don’t quit!”
“Throw your mask away, you don’t need it”
“It’s not what you have – it’s who you are. Be yourself”

What is your message of support to survivors?

Free Zine Making Workshops with Heidi Cho

Calling all survivors of all genders, ages, races and experiences! Join us in creating art against sexual violence!
In a series of FREE community-drop in workshops as part of Sexual Assault: The Roadshow visiting Hamilton, we will be making ‘zines to create new narratives around sexual violence. Using art, we will be asking questions like:
  • How does safety look, sound or feel like to you?
  • What does healing look like for me?
  • As a survivor, I wish…
heidi cho

Art by Heidi Cho

Using markers, pens, glue-sticks, magazines, pencil crayons and paper, we will make a collaborative ‘zine! Participants will also have an option to create their own personal ‘zine.

We will be offering four two hour workshops on the following days:

  • August 11th from 1pm to 3pm and another from 5pm to 7pm
  • August 16th from 1pm to 3pm

Continue reading

No One Asks For It – May 6th


No_One_Asks_Logo_Version1_DateOn Friday May 6th 2016, join the thousands across Canada wearing purple in support of survivors of sexual violence; in its sixth year, the campaign is called No One Asks For It!

In many provinces in our nation, May is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Sexual abuse and sexualized violence in our communities is far more common than most people think. According to a 2006 Statistics Canada report, one in three women will experience some form of sexual assault in their lifetime. In 2008, they also reported that over half of police reported sexual assault victims were under the age of 18.

One of the biggest hurdles people face after a sexual assault is the notion that somehow they “asked for it” by what they were wearing, where they were, what they were doing or drinking. This is victim-blaming.

On May 6th, let’s make an impact across Canada. Wear purple and show your support of survivors.

Make sure to RSVP to this year’s Facebook Event Page and invite your friends to participate!
Continue reading

Self Care Hour


We came up with sixty self care ideas. Enough to do one a minute for an entire hour!

Taking care of ourselves is essential and looks different for everyone. What worked yesterday might not work today. Try out new ideas and old faves and see what works for you.

1. Call SACHA’s 24 Hour Support Line – 905.525.4162
Multi Language Service 5


3. Have a temper tantrum. Kick and punch a pillow.

4. Watch a movie that makes you laugh.

5. Take a bath.

6. Read a book that helps you escape.

7. Make a list of beautiful things.

8. Write a letter to the child that you were. Tell that child the things an adult should have said.

9. Open your curtains, let in sunlight.

10. Make a fort and snuggle in it.

11. Take a walk.

12. Jump in a puddle or play in mud.

13. Scream into a pillow.

14. Doodle.

15. Go cloud watching.

16. Tell your story.

17. Cuddle your pet. Or someone else’s.

18. Cry. #CryPositiveSpace

19. Unplug for an hour. Turn off your phone.

20. Stretch.

21. Write down your thoughts.
French Mastiff puppy chewing a pencil in front of blackboard

22. Boogie to your favourite song.

23. Write a list of all your successes and strengths.

24. Allow yourself to feel what your feeling.

25. Be silly and playful.

26. Visit a pet store.

27. Make a list of why you are awesome.

28. Edit your newsfeed, unfollow the negativity.

28. Do something kind for yourself. Even if it’s uncomfortable. Especially if it’s uncomfortable.

29. Go to a park and people watch. Or dog watch. Or bird watch.

30. Wear your favourite outfit.

31 Visualize yourself winning.

32. Put post-it notes up around your house to remind yourself of your strengths.

33. Make a #SelfCare box.

34. Use positive affirmations.

35. Ask for help.

36. Express yourself through art.

37. Give yourself alone time.

38. Ask someone you trust what they like about you. Really listen.

39. Fly a paper airplane.

40. Read a comic book or awesome graphic novel.

41. Workout at the gym.

42. Light a candle.

43. Bake chocolate chip cookies.

44. Play with play-doh.

45. Squeeze a stressball.

46. Slow down.

47. Watch cute animal videos!

48. Meditate.

49. Try on all the funnest glasses at an optical shop.

50. Wear your pjs all day.
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51. Put on your fanciest outfit.

52. Make a cup of hot beverage in your favourite mug.

53. Put on a playlist of your favourite songs.
cat party

54. Sing along.

55. Plan a hang out with a friend.
cat boxes

56. Let yourself be grumpy.

57. Eat your favourite snack.

58. Make a calming glitter jar.


59. Saying ‘no’.

60. Remember you are enough.
tweet60 you are enoughcat boxes