Quiet Online in January


We LOVE using social media to create conversations about ending sexual violence and creating cultures of consent.

Our Public Educator, Erin Crickett, is away from SACHA until February. She handles all of SACHA’s social media – FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and this blog. That means that we won’t be posting as much during the month of January. You might not see the latest news story about sexual violence in our feed.

SACHA’s massive fundraiser Chocolate Fest is coming up on March 2nd. Annie, our amazing Chocolate Fest Coordinator, will be posting on Chocolate Fest updates on Twitter and Instagram. Make sure to follow! Contact Annie if you’d like to donate or sponsor SACHA.

If you want to get in a hold of SACHA, social media isn’t the best way even when Crickett is in the office. If you have questions about any of our programs – Diverse Communities Outreach, Counselling & Advocacy, 24 Hour Support Line or Public Education – calling the office – 905.525.4573 – or sending us a message is the best!

If you’re in need of immediate non-judgmental listening our 24 Hour Support Line  is always available – 905.525.4162.

Things you might not know about SACHA’s Public Education Program:

  • We only have one paid worker in the entire program, Erin Crickett. She works only works four days a week.
  • The program covers workshops and trainings, media (both legacy and new media), community collaboration, and events like Take Back the Night and Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair.
  • In 2015/16 fiscal year we presented to 5040 workshop participants.
  • We currently receive more requests to facilitate workshops than we’re able to provide.
  • The wifi in SACHA’s office, which was only installed a year ago, doesn’t reach to Crickett’s office because the router is not powerful enough. When she wants to post a picture on Instagram, she has to lurk in her doorway.


  • Our work ending sexual violence and creating consent culture is having an impact.  Last year 95% of workshop participants at the end of the workshop strongly agree or agree that they understand how to prevent sexual violence.
  • Here’s what workshop participants are saying about our workshops:
    • ‘Taught me about myself and how I want my body to be treated.’ – Grade Nine Girl
    • ‘Normal may not always be right.’ – Grade Nine Girl
    • ‘My friends and I still talk about the presentation from last year.’ – Grade Ten Boy
    • ‘Sexual assault is more about power than attraction.’ – Grade Nine Bo
    • ‘Really good speaker, not boring at all.’ – Grade Nine Girl


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SACHA Vists Zonta Club of Hamilton 1


This week SACHA had the opportunity to visit one of Hamilton’s Zonta clubs.

Zonta SACHAWe had a good chat about SACHA services, male allies working to end violence, Hamilton’s Sanctuary City Coalition, working with grade nines, bystander intervention and using social media for social change.

Folks were quite interested in Jackson Katz work with the Mentors in Violence Prevention.  Check out Jackon’s TED Talk on why violence against women is a men’s issue:

Zonta Club of Hamilton 1 generously supports SACHA work to end violence in our community.  We truly appreciate their support.

Find our more about Zonta’s work to advance the status of women worldwide.


SACHA and the TBTNBlog Crew Gets Schooled!


Margaret Shkimba, founder of menrvaSofia , writer and blogger extraordinaire, and social media wizard, popped by last week to show SACHA where it’s at.  Two very involved TBTN bloggers – Amelia and Jenn – share their thoughts on the workshop and SACHA’s place in the feminist blogosphere.

Between lots of laughs, articles for our consideration and a interactive, challenging group activity, SACHA staff members and volunteers had the chance to better understand the social networking and media trend that, whether we like it or not, has become and ingrained part of the ways we communicate. Continue reading