Sacred Fire at TBTN


We are excited to welcome back both the sacred fire and The Red Skirt Project as invited guests this year at Take Back the Night.

You might’ve seen the sacred fire at TBTN last year on the west forecourt near the SACHA table and the You Can March with Us table.

TBTN participants are invited to chat with members of the Red Skirt Project, offer tobacco (traditional medicine) and prayer into the sacred fire. The Red Skirt Project is an initiative created by The Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin ( I Am A Kind Man Program ) at the Hamilton Regional Indian Centre and YEN:TENE (You and I will go there together) at the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic.


All photos by Arora Maracle

The Red Skirt Project is a new Indigenous Men’s Initiative where Indigenous men and their Non-Indigenous male friends honor our Sisters, honor our Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, Girls and those identifying as Trans.

We are men taking a visible stand against the layered levels of violence our Sisters are dealing with every day.

We wear the red skirts to show our solidarity with our Sisters and to acknowledge their voices that they should no longer be silenced.

We wear the red skirts to show our Sisters that we acknowledge their powerful gifts of life, knowledge, wisdom and survival.

We stand united with our Sisters and accept our traditional responsibilities to support and help our Sisters fight against the violence they are living with.

By wearing the red skirts, we are showing our Sisters that we are equals for this is our teachings and our way of life.

We wear the red skirts in a good way so that we can join our Sisters fight in achieving the long overdue recognition that balance, harmony, peace, equality and safety be restored in their lives for this is our teachings and our way of life.

The red skirts are designed in a similar fashion to those that many traditional Women, Girls, those who identify as Trans and two spirited people would wear while engaged in Indigenous ceremony. Continue reading