Student Placements at SACHA


Jiaqing Wilson-Yang has been working at SACHA since January as a student in SACHA’s Counselling and Advocacy program. We asked her to write about her experiences and what other placement students at SACHA might expect.  

SACHA is always welcoming applications for longer term (6 months or more) placement students. If you’re interested or have questions please contact Elizabeth.

Hi there, my name is Jiaqing Wilson-Yang, and I have just completed my BSW Student Placement at SACHA, and I loved it. It was a huge learning experience and being here has greatly increased my skills as a Social Worker.

Some things to know about SACHA  — It’s a modified collective. That means, that decisions are made by the staff as a group. No staff member has greater authority over another staff member. Which means you can not only ask questions about why a decision is being made, but you can be a part of making the decision. For those of us looking for organizations that embed anti racist/anti oppressive practices into their structure and work, SACHA is a great example.

In the collective structure, the organization is build with conversation and critical thinking in mind. There is room for change and conflicting opinion. For me, this has translated into a much more respectful and thoughtful work place. There is consideration of the limits of workers in terms of caseload and workload. When I was determining the caseload that I would carry as a student, I was repeatedly asked what I thought I could handle, and encouraged to revisit that as time passed. Which leads me to my next point: a SACHA, as a student, you carry a caseload. Continue reading