Malvinas Bring Rebel Girls To Hamilton


malvinas posterMalvinas is an art/rock/noise/punk/riot grrrl/jamboree/feminist band from Syracuse, NY. They are based in the work of Malvina Reynolds (b. 1900, USA), a folk singer/songwriter whose intersectional approach to social, political, and environmental justice continues to provide wisdom and inspiration.

Malvinas will be playing a free concert Saturday, August 22nd from 1 – 4pm at the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre at 51 Stuart St. as part of Radiodress‘ summer-long exhibition, Mysterium Tremendum.

Check out the Facebook event –

R: What was the inspiration behind the band, and why was it important for you to participate/contribute/co-create?

LexMal: Initially, I thought connecting to Malvina Reynolds would be a way for people with various music abilities to create together. Malvina Reynolds was wicked smart and funny; her lyrics are great, she connected so many social justice issues. From our first rehearsal we’ve had an energy and collaboration that is better than almost any other creative thing I’ve done. So the group is very important to me. As an artist, I work on how art is related to political change, and I’ve found our band, and music has a stronger connection to audience and politics than I usually experience in visual arts.

DrumMal: I was initially wary about joining a group based in “folk” music as that isn’t really my deal, but I WAS interested in joining, as it was pitched, a “DIY feminist band” and getting to play my drums more often. I knew VoxMal the most, but still only a bit. However, I knew if she was involved, it was a worthy pursuit. In such a short time, the Mals have become a second family tribe. Perhaps because we all feel safe and empowered in the messages we create with each other.

LuluMal: While there were many reasons to initially join the band – simply being part of a band itself was pretty empowering and something I never thought I’d do. Beyond that, it’s fulfilling  to work within the context of talking about the issues of social, economic, labour and gender rights. Also, being a younger member of the band, I get a lot out of listening to and being around people who have seen and lived more than I have.

UkeMal: When Joanna asked me if I would like to be involved in forming a band and playing Malvina Reynolds songs, I had a vague notion of who she was. After I did some research and started playing her music, I have found Malvina Reynolds to be an inspiration for my creative life and in general. I am in my late forties which is when she started writing and singing songs. I really identify with a lot of the things she said about how women are perceived at each stage of our lives and her resistance to being defined by society. This band is a way to use my voice and be in collaboration with others who want to raise up their voices to confront injustice and to support people’s right to self-determination and creative freedom. I also come from a long line of agitators and union organizers. I grew up with union stories about my grandfathers and father. My mother was a community organizer and I have done a lot of work myself in different communities. I grew up with the folk music from my mother and the punk music of generation X, so it is natural that I would find a musical and artistic home with the Malvinas. Continue reading


Rescheduled! Relocated! Reassuredly Fabulous!


We have rescheduled SACHA’s United Way FUNdraising show.  We have even moved to a bigger venue and added another performer as well!

FFF2---January-18,-2014Fierce. Fabulous. Feminist. No 2 PANCAKE BREAKFAST!

……pancake breakfast with music from women-identified/gender non-conforming  folks……


Griffin Epstein (Toronto) – acoustic sing-alongs with imaginary orchestration. Griffin will be playing a solo show, but you can listen to their full band, The True Believers, here –

Jessah (Hamilton)

Kit Wilson-Yang (Toronto) –

Tanacetum Vulgare (Hamilton) – acoustic jazz-inspired folk, heartwarming and heartwrenching songs that deal with difficult emotions.


When: Saturday, January 18th — Breakfast @ 10am. Music @ 11am.

Where: YWCA Senior’s Centre Auditorium – 75 MacNab Street South,  Hamilton ON

Cost: $10 Pay What You Can. NO ONE TURNED AWAY!

Who: People of all ages and genders invited.

Accessibility: The Auditorium is an accessible space including washrooms.

Facebook Event:


Presented by SACHA as a FUNdraiser for the United Way.


PS.  Thanks to Jac for suggesting the title of this blog!

TBTN Playlist


We’re busy getting music* together for the Take Back the Night march and rally.

This is just a selection of what we’re listening to:

What is on your TBTN playlist?



*We know that pop culture can be problematic and sexist.  (That’s why we adore the work of Bitch Media!)  We’ve included some songs and videos on the list that we’re critical of but at the same time like…