Bystander Intervention Skills


You can interrupt sketchy behaviour at a bar, concert, or a party to prevent
sexual violence.

These skills are new for lots of folks! Just like first aid, these strategies require learning, relearning, and practice.

SACHA has got your back! If you see something sketchy and you unsure how to take action, you can call SACHA’s 24 Hour Support Line to chat about ideas and options – 905.525.4162.

The number one action you can take RIGHT NOW is:

Bystander Intervention Skills


Don’t go it alone. Gather your peeps. Who is near that can help?A friend? Security staff? Even if it’s just to validate that the behaviour is not OK.

  • “I think she needs our help, but I don’t know what to do. Have any ideas?”
  • “Will you watch while I go chat with them?”


Approach either the person being targeted or the person doing the harassing and be direct.

  • “Are you OK?”
  • “Can I help you?”
  • “That’s not OK.”
  • “You need to stop.”


Think of a way to distract the folks involved in the situation: either the person being targeted or the person doing the harassing.

  • “Can you take a pic of my friends and I?”
  • “What time is it?”
  • “Where’s the washrooms?”
  • “That’s a FAB outfit! Where did you get it?”
  • “My friend’s gone missing. Can you help me find them?”


Make a record or keep your eye on the situation in case it escalates.

Bystander Intervention by SACHA



Julie Lalonde at Mohawk College


Julie Lalonde project coordinator of Draw the Line, a provincial campaign to engage folks in ending sexual violence, is coming to Hamilton!

When: Tuesday, October 11 from 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Where: Mohawk College – McIntyre Theatre, Fennel Campus
Cost: Free

Join Julie Lalonde for an interactive presentation looking at tangible ways that we can prevent sexual violence at bars and parties. Participants will leave with concrete tools and resources to help them be effective bystanders.

Julie S. Lalonde is an Ottawa-based feminist activist and women’s right advocate. Julie has won numerous awards for her work, including being named a recipient of the “Governor General’s Award in Commemoration of the Persons Case” (2013), a “Driver of Change” by MTV, and 2013’s “Best Volunteer in a Leading Role” by Volunteer Ottawa.

SACHA Vists Zonta Club of Hamilton 1


This week SACHA had the opportunity to visit one of Hamilton’s Zonta clubs.

Zonta SACHAWe had a good chat about SACHA services, male allies working to end violence, Hamilton’s Sanctuary City Coalition, working with grade nines, bystander intervention and using social media for social change.

Folks were quite interested in Jackson Katz work with the Mentors in Violence Prevention.  Check out Jackon’s TED Talk on why violence against women is a men’s issue:

Zonta Club of Hamilton 1 generously supports SACHA work to end violence in our community.  We truly appreciate their support.

Find our more about Zonta’s work to advance the status of women worldwide.