SACHA – Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton & Area) – is a  feminist organization that believes everyone has a human right to live without violence.


SACHA envisions a world free of violence and oppression.



SACHA is a feminist, non-profit, community-based organization of women guided by anti-racist and anti-oppressive values. Understanding the dynamics of gender and power in sexual violence, our programs will:

  • Provide services to people who have experienced sexual violence at any point in their lives.
  • Work to end violence and oppression through education, advocacy, coalition-building, community partnerships and activism.
  • Work towards the equitable inclusion of all women
  • SACHA will challenge social and political structures and systems that contribute to the experience of violence, oppression, and exploitation of all people.


Our Programs:
  • 24 Hour Support Line – 905.525.4162
  • Counselling and Advocacy
  • Diverse Communities Outreach
  • Public Education

For more information about SACHA, our programs and SACHA events please visit our website.


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