Comment Policy


SACHA is committed to supporting survivors, ending violence and engaging in ongoing dialogue.

We encourage you to post comments and have your voice heard in this conversation.

SACHA reserves the right to remove comments that are offensive or oppressive, or that are trolling or spam.

There is enough hate and oppression out there in the world – we don’t need any more of it here!

We aim to provide a space where readers feel comments are productive and not oppressive or silencing of marginalized voices, while recognising that it is impossible to be a safe(r) space according to every person’s definition.

Let’s work together to make both our online and offline communities free from violence and oppression.


Our comments policy is inspired by the policies of Feministing, femifesto, and Feministe.


One thought on “Comment Policy

  1. Serena Bradshaw

    Hi Thanks for your work. It’s inspirational to see so much that is done. Quietly and courageously. I would like to share more and encourage comment and discussion. My blog’s at
    Please listen to a few posts and perhaps you could share the listing on your site somehow?

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