SACHA is Hiring a Director


SACHA is looking for a fabulous intersectional feminist to work with us as our Director.

Come work at a vibrant modified collective where we live and work our values. Plus our potlucks are legendary.

JOB POSTING – Director

Salary: $67,375, plus competitve benefits package

SACHA, the Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton and Area) is seeking an exceptional woman or non-binary leader to fill the position of Director. The new Director would be leading a committed group of staff and volunteers, who bring years of dedication to providing supports to people who have experienced sexualized violence at any point in their lives. We operate as a modified collective and work to end violence and oppression through education, advocacy, outreach, coalition building, community partnerships, and activism. The Director will ensure that processes and structures are in place for effective Centre management. They will provide leadership in meeting SACHA’s Mission through the development and management of goals, policies and programs.

The incumbent will possess the following qualifications:

  • Five-years senior leadership experience in a feminist organization or social service agency or equivalent combination of education and experience;
  • A well-developed intersectional, feminist analysis of sexualized violence;
  • A strong commitment to building an inclusive and accessible organization;
  • Skills in the facilitation of organizational change and community engagement;
  • Strong supervisory and problem-solving skills;
  • Knowledge of front-line survivor issues, counselling, and public education;
  • Strong administrative, communication and public education skills including social media;
  • Strong knowledge of financial management skills including working with budgets, financial statements, grant proposal writing and fundraising.

Please send letter and resume by Friday October 5, 2018 to:
SACHA Hiring Committee

No phone calls or emails please.

As part of SACHA’s work against racism and other oppressions, we strive to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. Woman identified and non-binary persons, who are Indigenous, immigrant, refugee, lesbian, bi-sexual, pan sexual, 2 Spirit, queer, racialized, with disAbilities, and/or who experience any other oppressions are encouraged to apply. Working knowledge of multiple languages an asset.




Bridging the Gap


To celebrate World AIDS Day we’re partnering with The AIDS Network and Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre to present Bridging the Gap: The Social and Systemic Factors Impacting Diverse Communities.

When: Friday, December 1st – 10am to 2pm
Where: Beasely Community Centre – 145 Wilson Street, Hamilton ON
Please register to Nomvelo –

Cost: FREE!

This workshop will  discus the challenges and impact of the social determinants of health on:

  • People living with HIV and those who may be more vulnerable to acquiring HIV
  • Those who are at an increased risk of experiencing sexual violence
  • Accessing health care and other services

Lunch will be provided and there will be a panel of folks with lived experience.

SACHA Bash 2.0


#ShowYourSACHASupport by coming through for a generous SACHA supporter – United Way Halton Hamilton!

When: Tuesday, November 28th – 7pm
Where: This Ain’t Hollywood – 345 James Street North, Hamilton ON
Cost: $7 – All proceeds for United Way Halton Hamilton. Tickets available at This Ain’t Hollywood.
Who: All ages/All genders invited!


Extra Special Guest: 

Safer Gigs Hamilton – SGH set up resource booths at events with the goal to reduce the risk of harm in our music community, preventing overdose and sexual assault before it happens.

Accessibility information coming soon. For more information contact Annie –


Taking it Slow at TBTN


Oh jeepers! It’s the week of Take Bake the Night!!!

We have a special request this year that folks take an extra slow pace. We’ve got all the time in the world to remind Hamilton that we’ve had enough of sexual violence.

Barry Gray Spec 2

All photos by Bary Gray from the Hamilton Spectator

We ask folks to walk slowly to include folks with mobility issues, folks who use canes, walkers or wheelchairs, folks with little humans and strollers.

It can feel really crappy to be left at the back of the event.

Why not just slow down the sound truck at the front of the march?

We do! Problem is quick walking folks often surround the sound truck which is quite dangers. Please stay behind the sound truck and give it lots of space. We’re gonna take our time.

March Guidelines

March Guidelines 2017


  • Walk behind the soundtruck.
  • Be patient – folks with strollers or folks using wheelchairs or walkers may need to move more slowly.
  • Follow the marshals instructions. Marshals are wearing reflective vests.
  • Talk to a marshal if you need assistance.
  • Use the shortcut back to City Hall at Summers Lane if you are not able to walk the entire route.
  • Visit the SACHA table or call SACHA’s 24 Hour Support Line – 905.525.4162 – if you need supportive listening. Take Back the Night can bring up a lot of emotions – joy, anger, sadness, excitement, fear, love.

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A Mess Of Follow Ups


Talking with youth about ending sexual violence and oppression and creating a culture of consent can lead the group to SO MANY amazing places.

Here’s some links that we promised to share with the last couple of workshops that we did with high school students:


  • Questions about alchohol and consent come up so often in our workshops. Everyday Feminism has a GREAT article with things to consider”
    • “Don’t try to talk yourself into thinking that someone is more into sex than they actually are, and don’t try to convince yourself that someone is less drunk than they appear to be. Doing so may be tempting, but it can open the door to a whole host of potential problems, including committing sexual assault.”
  • We’re finding that lots of folks have already seen the consent tea video when we come to visit them in class. This means we can have some good conversations about it.
  • When facilitating workshops, we have quoted ‘The standard you walk past is the standard you accept,’ from this video, many times:
  • When we ask why folks aren’t using words to ask for consent, some young men share that they are afraid of ending up in the ‘friendzone’. Everyday Feminism and BuzzFeed have great articles that unpack why ‘friendzone’ is entitlement and harmful.
    • “We shouldn’t expect to get rewarded with sex or a romantic commitment simply for being a decent human being.”


  • When talking about how consent has to be given willingly and freely, many participants were struggling to understand how someone who is afraid that saying ‘no’ will lead to further violence, we shared a recent story of a woman who was killed for not giving a man her phone number.
  • Young women want to talk about sexist dress codes and we’re have lots of examples of young women taking action!
  • Lots of folks already know about how sexist double standards affect women, but sexism and toxic masculinity harm men as well. Films like Shredded and Tough Guise examine this.
  • We always end our workshops by talking about everyday ways folks can work to end sexual violence in their communities. This week we had a great example of bystander intervention with the story of Kathrine Switzer’s number being retired from the Boston Marathon.

  • Draw the Line is a FABULOUS bystander intervention campaign that asked real life questions about sexual violence and gives folks tools and strategies for responding.

DLT Drinking

SWHAT Walkathon


For the month of March, McMaster’s Student Walk Home Attendant Team will be donating one dollar to SACHA for every walk that they provide.

SWHAT understands that walking home late at night doesn’t cause sexual assault, so they created some awesome images to help bust myths and lies about rape.

If you’re on McMaster’s campus you can request a walk anytime from 7pm – 1am, 7 days a week three ways:

1. Call 905 525 9140 ext 27500
2. Visit our office in MUSC 226
3. Online walk form, at


SACHA at City Council


Yesterday SACHA’s Jia Qing and Lenore spoke at City Council about the need for a city-wide Transgender Protocol.

Here’s their presentation:

Good Morning, I’m Jia-Qing Wilson-Yang and this is Lenore Lukasik-Foss.  We’re here today on behalf of the Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton and Area), also known as SACHA, to encourage City Council to support the Transgender Protocol. In my work on a provincial project on trans women and sexual violence, coordinating a Canada wide research project on trans women affected by HIV, and as a youth worker supporting trans youth; as well as in my life as a trans woman, living in community with other trans women, I can tell you that first steps like this protocol need to be supported by people like you.

There simply are not enough statistics about trans people, but thanks to Trans Pulse an Ontario based study, we know that 34% of trans women have been physically assaulted for being trans and that 98% of trans people have experienced transphobia* (Marcellin, 2012.) We know that across Canada, 70% percent of trans youth report having been sexually harassed. Continue reading