Celebrating 40 Years of OCRCC


OCRCC-is-Turning-40-posterOCRCC – Ontario’s coalition of English-speaking sexual assault centres – is turning 40 this year!


When SACHA was founded in 1975 it was by a group of survivors with no funding who wanted to change the world. When patriarchy, oppression, and colonialism are still so powerful and present in our daily lives, this anniversary is reason to CELEBRATE!

What we have planned…

  • 6:30pm Meet and Greet
  • 7:00pm Greetings
  • 7:15pm Comedian Elvira Kurt
  • 8:00pm Presentations and Awards
  • 8:15-9:00pm Social

When: Wednesday, June 21st, 2017
Where: Ramada Hotel and Suites – 300 Jarvis Street, Toronto ON
Please RSVP to Nicole (ocrcccoordinator@hotmail.com), JoAnne (directorwsac@vianet.ca), or Michelle (michelle@sascsl.ca).



Free Solidarity TBTN Bike Ride



Join us on a group SoBi ride in support of SACHA’s  Take Back the Night rally.

Ride Details:
Thursday, October 13th
4:30PM – Meet @ MUSC hub, decorate bikes
5PM -Ride departure
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1703826926606922/

Contact Devon from Hamilton Bike Share @289-788-3491 for further information.

Promo codes will be available at the ride so you can ride a SoBi bike for free. You’re welcome to bring your own personal bike for the ride!

Route: Through Mac, down Emerson, along rail trail all the way to Dundurn. Down Dundurn to new bike lanes on Herkimer, and down MacNab to City Hall. We will bike past other SoBi hubs– and all are welcome to join the ride at any time.

Individuals are welcome to ride back to McMaster together or in smaller groups, but no coordinated return ride will occur.


Take Back the Night Details:

Take Back the Night, an annual event organized by SACHA — Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton & Area) — is a powerful opportunity for survivors and their supporters to actively build connections, assertively reclaim our right to safety, and courageously stand up against violence.

TBTN centres the experiences of women and gender non-conforming folks. We invite men to cheer on the march from Gore Park.

When: Thursday, October 13th

6:00pm – We Gather
7:00pm – We Rally
7:30pm – We March

Where: Hamilton City Hall – 71 Main Street, Hamilton ON
Who: Women, gender non-conforming folks, and their children are welcome!

Read about why we organize Take Back the Night as a space for women and gender non-conforming folks to speak out against violence here.

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #TBTN2016!

More Information:

No One Asks For It – May 6th


No_One_Asks_Logo_Version1_DateOn Friday May 6th 2016, join the thousands across Canada wearing purple in support of survivors of sexual violence; in its sixth year, the campaign is called No One Asks For It!

In many provinces in our nation, May is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Sexual abuse and sexualized violence in our communities is far more common than most people think. According to a 2006 Statistics Canada report, one in three women will experience some form of sexual assault in their lifetime. In 2008, they also reported that over half of police reported sexual assault victims were under the age of 18.

One of the biggest hurdles people face after a sexual assault is the notion that somehow they “asked for it” by what they were wearing, where they were, what they were doing or drinking. This is victim-blaming.

On May 6th, let’s make an impact across Canada. Wear purple and show your support of survivors.

Make sure to RSVP to this year’s Facebook Event Page and invite your friends to participate!
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Follow Up, Back Up Your Sisters


Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. — R. Collier

After the TBTN solidarity event, What Men Can Do – Taking Action to End Gender Based Violence with White Ribbon Campaign‘s Jeff Perera, I shared a walk and chat with a male-identified comrade. My friend asked me what my experience of TBTN was like (“I wish my first thought wasn’t ‘I hope I don’t get assaulted on the way…‘,” I confessed). I asked my friend what his experience of the solidarity event was like (“Your event definitely sounds like it was more fun, but I’m bummed I couldn’t be there because… gender,” he admitted.)

We shared our praise and critiques of our assorted, respective events. My friend felt alienated because the male allies’ event was physically separated from the main TBTN events. “On the one hand, I’m being asked to participate, but on the other, I’m being asked not to show up, or not go here or there, … Except for having conversations with others dudes about sexism, it seems like there are no ways I can really support my feminist values.”

“That is the only real way you can support your feminist values,” was more or less my response.

Basically, showing up to a rally, or holding a sign, or chanting in support… those things are not, in and of themselves, going to end sexism. Change is a slow, arduous process. Success is not often measurable by Number of People at the event, or Decibels Measured during the chant, or MRAs Enraged after the protest. Success… is not often measurable! One must have more faith in the innumerable small steps we are each taking. That faith is the only success most of us has.

In sum, keep having those conversations. Don’t start to count how many events you’ve shown up to, how many feminist friends you have, or how often you say “the right thing” to an approving beacon of feminist respect. Hold a workshop about practical ways to talk to people; Make a YouTube video about some shit you saw someone/a friend do (extra points if you can apply this video to a feminist perspective) that pissed you off; Tell your boys you love pub nights, but love your women friends and don’t wanna participate in things that’ll wind up oppressing them. These are the ways you can see equality become a success reality for everyone.

– amelia

SACHA Broadcast — Feminist Links & Hijinks No. 10: TBTN 2013 Edition!!!


Take Back the Night IS HERE! Just 2 more sleeps before the big, grand sh’bang! ^_^

Join us for TBTN on Thursday, Sept. 12 at 6pm at City Hall — 71 Main St. W., Hamilton.

Some TBTN-related info.s to get you going:

What Men Can Do – Taking Action to End Gender Based Violence is coming up! Same TBTN day, almost-same TBTN time! Thurs. Sept. 12, 6:30 pm at 75 MacNab St. S., Hamilton, ON.

While our sisters march at Take Back the Night, we invite men – adult men, young men and Trans men – to join us and discuss how we can support their effort to work toward a future with no violence against women. Men must answer an urgent call to action, as we can be allies, partners, role models to other men & engaged bystanders. Let’s talk about how we can be a part of change, with Urgency and with Love.

See the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/515133228541572/

Did you know Halton’s TBTN crew has a tumblr? I didn’t ’til just now! Their TBTN event is coming up next week. Click on the image below to check out the site:

“I will take action by teaching enthusiastic consent!” – Paula


A few weeks ago when I told you about the Justin Timberlake song of the same name, I learnt that there’s an entire charitable foundation in the U.S. that is called Take Back the Night. To avoid confusion, you can learn about their history and what they do on their website. For simplicity’s sake, know that our TBTN event is not associated with the charitable foundation in the U.S., but shares some similar values.

Additionally, it never hurts to take a gander at what wikipedia has to say. We encourage doing so with critical thinking skills handy 😉

The nearby city of Waterloo will be holding its annual TBTN march near the end of the month. Keep this one in mind as a back up if you can’t make it out to the others. Check out their Facebook page for more: https://www.facebook.com/tbtnwaterlooregion


“Y is for your sister … U is for underage, N is for no consent… .”

Sound familiar? If you need a bit of rage to get you pumped up and encouraged for this year’s event, look no further than the gut-churning frosh week chant controversies out of St Mary’s University in Halifax.

In response, Dalhousie University’s Sexual Assault Support Services has put this video together:

If you dig what they have to say, share it with friends and allies. If not, comment to let us know why.

Looking for resources throughout Ontario or outside of the Hamilton Area? Paths of Courage Healing & Retreat Centre offers confidential, non-judgmental support programs for both men and women:

The Sexual Assault Centre for Quinte & District was founded in 1991. It recognizes that sexual violence is primarily directed towards women and children and is anchored in the social, cultural and economic disparities of our society. It seeks to eradicate this imbalance through education, counselling and social change. … It was developed after years of SACQD participants talking about the need for “something more” – beyond the typical one hour counselling session. We learned, through feedback, as well as through informed research, that if we are still sitting in a room engaged in talk therapy, that we are missing out on so many other possible options that may be beneficial to survivors. As helpful, and in many cases, “life saving”, as talk therapy can be, we wanted to offer another alternative to our existing program.

— Compiled by Amelia

Mac Supports Take Back the Night


On Wednesday, September 11th the McMaster University Anti-Violence Network will be hosting two events to support Take Back the Night in Hamilton.

MAC TBTN Solidarity Event Poster FINAL 2013

From 11am to 2pm there will be activities and awareness in the McMaster Student Union Centre (MUSC) Atrium. All are welcome!  Come by to chat and enjoy the free cotton candy.

At 1:30 AVN will be hosting a workshop, Interrupting Rape Culture in Convocation Hall (University Hall 2nd Floor):

  • Learn about the systemic causes of violence against women and learn how to FIGHT BACK against rape culture! Discuss how the examples that we hear in the media aren’t isolated cases, but instead point to a culture that says it’s okay for women to be shamed, harmed, assaulted and blamed experience violence, and be victim-blamed.
  • The workshop will be facilitated by IT’S TIME to End Violence Against Women on Campus and feature panelists from Hollaback! Hamilton, the White Ribbon Campaign and Draw the Line.
  • This workshop is free, but space is limited! Please REGISTER for the workshop by emailing Catherine Oakleaf, oakleaf@mcmaster.ca or call 905 525 9140 x20330. Please contact Catherine for information about the accessible entrance to Convocation Hall.
  • All genders welcome!

Pizza and Pre-TBTN Gathering at the Women’s Centre


Get ready for TBTN by gathering at the Women’s Centre for food, poster making, support, and motivation! We will walk together to City Hall at 6:30 PM to join the Take Back the Night rally and march.

When: Thursday, September 12th at 4:30pm
Where: The Women’s Centre of Hamilton – 100 Main Street East, Suite 205, 905-522-0127
Women's Centre TBTN 2013

For more information on TBTN solidarity events or organizing a solidarity event click here.