Rhythms of Resistance Drumming Workshop



You may remember Rhythms of Resistance Toronto’s women-identified contingent at Hamilton’s Take Back the Night hitting the streets, marching, making noise, dancing and creating amazing music to rise up to.Rhythms of Resistance Toronto loves Hamilton so much that they want to come back, but this time with the rest of the band and a new mission!You may know RoR from performance, all decked-out in tutus, glitter and combat boots, but that’s only a piece of who they are and what they do. The other sides of Rhythms of Resistance, as musicians and activists, includes community engagement and organizing projects, workshops, skill sharing, potlucks and parties, supporting and challenging ourselves and each other as we try and live our vision and affect change…and so much more.

They want to share all this with you!

With support from SACHA – Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton & Area) – and to recognize Sexual Assault Awareness Month, RoR is coming to Hamilton once again to pass on our collective drumming skills, to pass on the knowledge and know-how (based on their own experiences) of creating affinity using music for social change, and rooting your practice in an anti-oppression framework.

Who knows? This could be the start of RoR Hamilton!

This is an open invitation. All genders and abilities welcome.

To make the workshop a success RoR needs your help collecting wine bottles, plastic food containers, drum sticks, wooden spoons, plastic water-cooler jugs, large buckets and whistles for the workshop.

Registration is sliding scale – $10-$30. All the funds will go towards the travel costs of the facilitators with any extra funds raised going to support SACHA’s amazing programs supporting survivors of sexual assault and abuse. Please pay what you can afford.

When: Sunday, May 5th from 11am to 4pm
Where: 75 MacNab Street South

To register online please visit – http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/350713.

There are free spots available for folks who cannot afford to pay to register. Please contact Erin at erin@sacha.ca or 905.525.4573 to reserve a free spot at this workshop.

Visit the Facebook event here – http://www.facebook.com/events/351449281642978/

TBTN interview with Eileen


Eileen is a very active Hamiltonian with a penchant for social justice committee work. She is a volunteer with SACHA’s crisis/support line, and is also a member of TBTN’s organizing committee. Jen caught up with Eileen to ask her a few questions about her experiences with TBTN over the years.

J:  Last year, Hamilton celebrated its 30th anniversary of TBTN. As a long time Hamiltonian, what are some of your thoughts about how the event has grown and changed over the years?

E:  It was amazing to see how many women attended the event last year.  That is the growth that is the most important.  We need to reach out, touch and recruit as many women as possible to fight violence.

Continue reading

Analy’s TBTN Experience


Analy Flores participated in a Canada World Youth project which brought young women from Honduras to live in Hamilton.  Young women from all over Canada were partnered with other Honduran women and lived with Hamiltonian host families.  SACAH was fortunate enough to have Analy and Sarah volunteer with SACHA while they participated in the exchange.  SACHA’s office space was a lot emptier when Analy and Sarah left for the Honduras part of the project in October 2010.  We truly miss their amazing energy.  Here is Analy’s TBTN experience:

Español a seguir.

As a young woman of the Cultural Exchange for young Honduran and Canadian women in 2010-2011 organized by ASONOG and Canada World Youth, with my counterpart and sister Sarah Paquin, we had the great and unique experience in our life “TAKE BACK THE NIGHT 2010”

I was Volunteer in SACHA for 3 months and participate in the planning of TBTN, after many workshops and continuous training by the amazing women in SACHA and intelligent women of the city of Hamilton well prepared to discuss these issues, I realized how important this event is eagerly awaited by the women of this city.

If you ask me which was one of the highlights of this cultural exchange, without a doubt I would say TBTN! Continue reading

Interview with Krista Warnke


Krista Warnke is a Public Educator with SACHA.  She has been involved with the organization – as a volunteer, a board member and as a staff member – since 1979.  Krista attended the first Take Back the Night (TBTN) in Hamilton in 1981.  Eventually, Krista moved into the position of and coordinating the Take Back the Night committee.

Krista was interviewed by Erin, also a Public Educator with SACHA and current coordinator of the Take Back the Night committee.

Here’s what it looks/sounds like when two public educators chat about herstory:

Erin: Do you remember what Take Back the Night was like in 1981?

Krista: I’m pretty sure for me that it would have been the first time I had ever been involved in a protest march.  I remember being incredibly excited. I remember there being generally a lot of excitement because there was recognition that in some ways it was long overdue.  Women were feeling all of these different things about violence against women and yet there wasn’t a forum for us to express ourselves.  There was a lot of excitement.  I remember a certain amount of creativity too.  I wore a hard hat to the first TBTN.  At the time I was working at a real male dominated profession and I don’t even remember exactly why I chose to wear the hardhat but I was making some kind of a statement whatever that was. Continue reading

TBTN Hamilton interviews the most excellent Andrea


Andrea is a crisis/support line volunteer with SACHA, a first time member of the TBTN Hamilton organizing committee, a student in the Social Service Worker program at Mohawk College, and an avid collective gardener!

Jen: What first drew you to TBTN and how old were you when you first started marching?

Andrea: What drew me to take back the night the first time was actually a teacher who was at the school that I’d been talking to, and I mentioned that I was reading a book by Jessica Valenti called Full Frontal Feminism and she asked me if I identified as a feminist…and I was unsure at the time, but she let me know about TBTN and so I got excited and I wanted to be a part of it—I was 17 at the time. Continue reading

Interview with Nairn Galvin


Nairn Galvin was a member of the core group of women who founded Hamilton’s Rape Crisis Centre in 1977 – now SACHA.  Erin, a Public Educator at SACHA, had a chance to chat with Nairn not only about the starting of Take Back the Night (TBTN) in Hamilton but also about the founding of the Rape Crisis Centre.

Erin: What was your role in making TBTN happen in Hamilton?

Nairn: I remember that I did a lot of work on planning.  I remember it being exciting, a lot of fun and scary too because you really were putting yourself out there.  It took a while to get support from other women’s groups.

Erin: What were the planning meetings like?

N: We certainly didn’t start in June.  Someone had heard that Take Back the Night (TBTN) existed and it was a possibility for women to do.  The idea caught fire.  It was something that we could do to make a statement.  To make a point.  To be in people’s faces about violence.   At that time you never even saw the word ‘rape’ in the paper.  They wouldn’t print the word.  People were still doing the ostrich and saying “This doesn’t happen”.  This was something we really wanted to do but I was aware that it was a pretty risky thing because we were going to be taking to the streets.  People don’t always like you standing up and telling them things they don’t want to hear. That’s what TBTN is about – saying “This happens here.  What the heck are you gonna do about it?” Continue reading