About Us


The Sexual Assault Centre of Hamilton and Area (SACHA) is a feminist organization that believes everyone has a human right to live without violence.

As volunteers working together on SACHA’s blog, we work to enrich and support that belief. SACHA embodies and reflects many kinds of feminisms. Each of our readers, like each of our regular or guest writers, are different from one another. As such, each of our views, styles, and analyses will be different, too.

Here is a bit about each of us!

Ann is a total killjoy feminist, devoid of any sense of humour, who has lovingly called Hamilton her home for almost ten years!  Prior to this she played in the woods in cottage country, rode streetcars across Toronto and biked about Montreal.

Ann’s most significant passions include unusual animal friend pairings, listening to the same songs on repeat, sometimes being quiet and sometimes being a little loud.  She hopes, wishes and strives for a less oppressive and more wonderful world.

Dev is a feminist and activist in her home city of Hamilton. She finds hope and inspiration from spending time in the forests and wild forgotten corners in this beautiful city. She brings her experience as a survivor, a social service world worker, a lover or wild spaces, and a passion for being brave with ideas and learning to the fabulous broadCAST crew.

Lisa's MugshotLisa
Lisa has lived in Hamilton for the past eight years. Before this she lived in Haldimand County, London and Guelph but none of these other places had her heart the way Hamilton does. Lisa has volunteered for Hamilton’s Take Back the Night Committee since 2006. This will be her first year as a contributor to the blog and she is excited about her new role.

Lisa enjoys feminist activism, laughter, snuggling with her pets, a warm cup of tea and a good book.  She dislikes cabbage, muggy weather and oppressive people and structures.


MF Miller is a freelance writer living in Hamilton. Her work has appeared in a variety of independent magazines such as Uppercase and Kinfolk. Originally from Toronto, she has fallen in love with this great city and the wonderful people in it. She has come to SACHA and broadCAST with a pretty fierce desire to support women. MF always finds herself in the middle of too many books. Her wish is for a world where the word “feminist” is as redundant as the word “human.”

Erin Crickett is an intersectional feminist who has been working in the gender justice movement for over ten years and proudly works at SACHA as their Public Educator.  She is passionate about experiential education and approaching social change work with both a sense of urgency as well as a sense of humour. Crickett brings her experience as a scientist, tall ship sailor, environmental educator, baker, migrant labour advocate, shelter worker, dog sledder, farm hand, and roller derby skater to her work as an educator.


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