Broad Convos Interview – Marisa

Broad Convos 2 HFZF Zine Launch

Poster by Amy Egerdeen

Broad Conversations are gatherings in Hamilton, Ontario for feminist broads. Gatherings are structured to inspire new ideas and reflections on important themes within a feminist context.

The theme for this very special Broad Convos 2 x HFZF Launch is “participation” – how do we define, value, and manage participation as feminists, as women, as citizens?

We’re also launching SACHA’s collaborative zine ‘Messages of Support for Survivors’ at the next Broad Convos.

When: Tuesday, May 23rd – 7:30pm -9pm
Where: 541 Eatery & Exchange – 541 Barton Street East, Hamilton ON
Cost: FREE!

We interviewed one of the speakers at Broad Convos, Marisa Rodriques:


Hi I’m Marisa, I am eleven years old, a student and I have my own company,  I love art including drawing unicorns with my BFF Angelina , swimming, and playing volleyball.

For the past two years I have participated in SACHA’S feminist zine fair and met great people who share my passion for change.

To me feminism  is equality for everyone and anyone, I feel like everyone should have a fair chance to do anything they want to do without judgment or limitations.

My favorite feminist hero is Rosie the Riveter.

The broad conversation excites me because I get to talk about feminism to people who will listen.


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