By Tara Bursey

We have almost reached the end of Woman Abuse Prevention Month, and it’s been heartening to see initiatives and campaigns pop up around town and in cyberspace in observation of it. My friend Leah and I have our own initiative that we’re really excited about happening this Saturday, and we hope that you will attend! All proceeds will go to SACHA to mark this important month, and to honour the important work that they do for the Hamilton community.

Have you heard of Fifth Column? If not, you’re probably not alone. Fifth Column were a multi-disciplinary post-punk group– a group of women from Toronto who formed in 1981. Two members, Caroline Azar and GB Jones, remained a constant until the group disbanded in the 1990s.

Fifth Column formed with the intention of reimagining what it meant to be in “a band.” As self-proclaimed outsiders, their goal was claim space space to collaborate with other women, artists and outsiders, whether they were musicians, photographers, or filmmakers. In addition to amazing music that blended punk, new wave and 60s garage music, they also made cult films and zines that created critical spaces for women and young LGBTQ punks and artists to express themselves.

The documentary She Said Boom: The Story of Fifth Column (2012) explores how these women went on to kick-start the Do-It-Yourself art making generation and inspire other groups of young women and men all over the world for the following generations, such as the Riot Grrrl and Queercore movements, and investigates the reasons these cultures—so often driven by women, LGBTQ and peole of colour– often slip through the cracks of our history…at least, for a while.


Punk Rock Movie Night is proud to screen the documentary She Said Boom: The Story of Fifth Column at Factory Media Centre!

When: Saturday, November 26th at 7 pm
Where: Factory Media Centre

We will be joined by Fifth Column members Caroline Azar and GB Jones, who will answer questions after the film. An afterparty will be held at Hammer City Records after the event with DJs, snacks and more! The screening costs $5-10, sliding scale.

For more information about Fifth Column and Kevin Hegge’s documentary, read this review of the film here:

RSVP to the screening on our Facebook page, which has complete information here:

 Photo: Edie Steiner


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