Anti-Trump Protest in Toronto


by Rhythms of Resistance – Toronto

On Monday, October 24th, all us “nasty women” (including those who identify as women always, sometimes, and sort-of) are going to snatch the tower with pussy power!!

The Trump Tower in Toronto represents, in one ugly edifice and everything that is disturbing about Trump’s campaign: it is built by the poor for the rich, and it is a glorification of greed and exploitation. This big, stone erection is just another reminder to women in Toronto that while Trump himself might be all the way across the border, his influence and his validation of rape culture penetrates all the way into Canada as well.


When we heard about the amazing demo in New York where women joined together to form a human chain around the tower, we knew we had to join with them; to raise as much noise and protest against the callous, ignorant language, the bullying, and the flagrant disregard and denigration of marginalized group that have characterized Trump’s campaign.  His racist, misogynist, ableist, transphobic, and otherwise dangerously divisive politics have an impact that reaches far beyond the borders of the USA, impacting bodies everywhere. His attempts to trivialize assault and harassment only make us more determined to challenge rape culture.

As Canadian women, many of us don’t have a voice, or a ballot, in the US election, and this can feel incredibly dis-empowering considering both our proximity to the USA, and the impact that this election will have on us.  While we may not be able to vote, we certainly can create a ruckus in our own streets and let Trump know exactly what we think of his predatory rhetoric and his disgraceful behaviour.

We welcome anyone and everyone to come out and shout with us.

The event will take place on Monday, October 24th in front of Trump Tower (325 Bay St.)  We meet at 6pm, and rally at 7pm.  Bring noise makers, signs, lights, and loud voices!!

Facebook event –

**By no means does our pride and reclamation of the term “pussy” assume that all women have the same bodies. We scream “pussy” in our battle cry against Trump because of how that term has been used to vilify and objectify our bodies. Reclaiming Pussy is not about our anatomy, but about the ways in which our diverse bodies have been diminished, violated, and abused. We grab back Pussy to grab control of all of our bodies and find power and strength in our fight to combat violence against all women.

Rhythms of Resistance Toronto is a political samba-inspired band that plays for environmental and social justice. We oppose all forms of oppression and use music to demonstrate our opposition and show solidarity with struggles for justice. We are a non-hierarchical collective that is queer positive, anti-colonial, feminist, anti-capitalist, against racism and ableism. We believe everyone is musical. Using samba for social change and through our community norms we create the world we want to see.


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