What Has Been Helpful In Your Healing?


Healing is hard work. The effects of sexual and emotional harm are complicated and make the path of a survivor unclear, nuanced, and volatile. What works for one person might not for another, and even what works for one person at one time, might not work at another. It can be draining to be constantly on the alert for what kind of care you need at each given moment, but with patience and support it does get easier.

Here are a few thoughts passers-through in the SACHA office have about what’s helping them heal right now:

“Smile as often as you can.”
“My counsellor gave me permission to heal, I took it.”
“Creating art.”
“My counsellor & painting.”
“Exercise & hard work.”
“Learning that there is nothing wrong with me – and there never was.”
“Yes we can have respect!”
“Knowing that it is never your fault.”
“Allowing myself to feel anger.”
“Prayer and reflection.”
“The session!”
“Acceptance & forgive!”
“You at SACHA <3”
“Analyzing and understanding exactly how it has and continues to affect my conscious/subconscious thought and general mental health.”
“Take care of you it’s ok! <3”
“My dog.”
“Not a whore!”
“Praying never give up.”
“Music & movies.”
“Good choices! Yes me!”
“Understanding and believing <3”

What’s helping you heal today?


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