You Can March With Us


TBTN Poster English 2016Thinking about coming to Take Back the Night next Thursday but feeling uncertain or anxious?

Not sure what it will feel like to be at the event? Don’t have an available friend to come with you? You are a kind person who wants to offer a friendly welcome to someone more nervous coming to TBTN?

This year we are going to have a “You Can March With Us” table.

We have people whose specific task it is to make everyone feel welcome and more comfortable in attending the event.

Everyone at some point in their life has felt uneasy in a crowd.  Everyone at some point has felt awkward. That’s normal. But this discomfort can stop people from participating in something awesome such as TBTN.  We don’t want this to be a barrier to anyone.  We love extroverts and gregarious people who shine at group events and we love introverts and shy folk. (We love you too ambiverts – don’t want you to feel left out either.)

Here’s why you may want to visit us at our You Can March With Us table…

  1. You will see someone who is happy you are at TBTN
  2. You can ask questions about event
  3. You will find someone you can march with
  4. Use us as a meet up location with friends who are joining you at TBTN
  5. You are welcome to come to our table if you would like to offer yourself and your friends as buddies to someone looking for a TBTN friend
  6. You want to write a note for our table welcoming people to TBTN

Where can you find the You Can March With Us table?

We’ll be set up beside the SACHA info table very close to Main Street in the City Hall forecourt.


We want everyone who comes to TBTN to have an amazing time. We know different people need different things to make this happen.

Supportive Listening

Take Back the Night can bring up many emotions – joy, sadness, excitement, fear, love. If you need to talk with someone please visit the SACHA table where there are folks ready to listen or call SACHA’s 24 Hour Support Line – 905.525.4162.

Take Back the Night, an annual event organized by SACHA — Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton & Area) — is a powerful opportunity for survivors and their supporters to actively build connections, assertively reclaim our right to safety, and courageously stand up against violence.

TBTN centres the experiences of women and gender non-conforming folks. We invitemen to cheer on the march from Gore Park.

When: Thursday, October 13th

6:00pm – We Gather
7:00pm – We Rally
7:30pm – We March

Where: Hamilton City Hall – 71 Main Street, Hamilton ON
Who: Women, gender non-conforming folks, and their children are welcome!

Read about why we organize Take Back the Night as a space for women and gender non-conforming folks to speak out against violence here.

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #TBTN2016!

More Information:


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