Mandi Gray’s Response


Last Thursday, Mandi Gray’s rapist was found guilty. The judge tore down rape myths in his ruling: 

“No other crime is looked upon with the degree of blame-worthiness, suspicion and doubt as rape. No one asks to be raped. The blame lies with the perpetrator. Rape is an act of violence and aggression to which the perpetrator uses sex as a weapon to gain power and control over the victim.”

Mandi Gray wrote an INCREDIBLE statement released the day of the ruling, reposted here with her permission:

I am tired of people talking to me like I won some sort of rape lottery because the legal system did what it is supposed to.

My experience is regarded as a demonstration of progress in sexual assault cases in Canada. I am expected to feel good because a few people within the system believe me. If we are told to be grateful for receiving the bare minimum, and that we should simply allow for social institutions to further oppress us and violate our rights, I am incredibly concerned.

Accepting things simply as they are because “it could be worse” is the antithesis of progress. Continue reading


Resources for Coun. Terry Whitehead


At a Hamilton city council meeting on Monday, Councillor Terry Whitehead used the words ‘ripping and raping’ to talk about moving jobs off the mountain to downtown.

Terry: Rape is violence. Violence that mostly women and children live through. Words matter. Words have meaning. Especially when we’re talking about sexual violence. But you weren’t talking about sexual violence and that’s why folks are upset.

Ending rape culture is hard. We all make mistakes. It’s what we do when we eff up that counts.

We’ve put together some resources about why words are important and how folks can help to end sexual violence: Continue reading