Questions I’ve Been Asked as a Midwife


Spoken Word by Kayla Q

I came across Kayla Q’s poem on social media early one morning, clicking on the link without really thinking about it. It stayed with me the entire day. It stayed with me for days. I mentioned it to other women. Sent the link over, urging them to check it out too because it really is that entertaining. It really is that poignant. It really is that important.

I connected with her words initially because I have a personal interest in midwifery and used midwives for the births of both of my children. But the more that I watched the clip, the deeper I thought about how heavy her words are. In a short few minutes, Kayla managed to summarize so many of the burdens that women carry. We are caregivers and protectors. We are advocates and advisors. Sometimes we’re just bodies and other times we have to be survivors.

I hope that her words will stay with you and make you proud of what women do everyday.

— MF Miller


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