Get Involved: Selfies to Support Survivors


Unless it’s suddenly changed, we’ll be learning the verdict in the Ghomeshi case in a bit more than a week: Thursday, March 24th.

We’re encouraging folks to post selfies or pics of a group of folks with the hashtag #IBelieveSurvivors or #WeBelieveSurvivors on the day of the verdict.

How you can get involved

 On March 24th:

  1. Post pics that you’ve collected and taken all day with the hashtag #IBelieveSurvivors or #WeBelieveSurvivors. Let’s flood social media with messages of love and support for survivors!
  2.  Participate in conversations that are happening online.

 Before March 24th:

  1. Change the avatar on your social media to an ‘I Believe Survivors’ or ‘We Believe Survivors’ image. i believe survivors square
  1. Take a pic of your group or yourself and post it with the hashtag #WeBelieveSurvivors or #IBelieveSurvivors before March 24th to promote the event, get the ball rolling, and to give folks inspiration.
  1. Share the Facebook event ( ) and poster with your followers. Remind folks that it’s happening and encourage them to get involved.
  2. Host a Self Care Crafternoon and create space for survivors and their supporters to do crafts, hang out, and take care of each other –

Check out other ways to take action the day of the verdict –


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