HFZF Zinester Interview – Pittsburgh Feminist Zine Fair


FZF PGH is a four day event celebrating, exploring, and supporting intersectional feminist voices through zines and self-publishing. We aim to create a safe space for expression and dialogue for feminist women of all races and sexual orientations, trans* and gender non-conforming people, feminist people of varying ages, sizes and abilities, and our feminist accomplices.

feminist zine fest pits 3

That is so exciting that there is now a Pittsburgh Feminist Zine Fair: what made you want to start a feminist zine fair, and how did you go about building it?

I started the Pittsburgh Zine Fair back in 2011 and over the years have been thinking about how to make it more political in the sense that I want to see more zines and exhibitors talking about race, class, and gender in the work and discussions at the fair. This year I met with women from Pittsburgh who had attended the NYC Feminist Zine Fest and were so inspired by it that they wanted to start a feminist fest here in Pittsburgh. We teamed up and made it happen! Continue reading


HFZF Zinester Interview – FIERCE Magazine


Tell us more about your project.

FIERCE magazine is an online zine that a group of feminists and creative writers/artists started up last year. We release a themed online issue sporadically on http://issuu.com/fiercemag. Our goal for the future is to develop a feminist magazine that has an intersectional feminist voice.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.16.58 PM

How did you start making zines? Who/what influenced you?

We started making zines because our team loved writing, creating art etc. and we wanted to channel that into a medium that would hold all of our work in a unified collection on of some sort. Two of our biggest influences include i-D magazine for it’s aesthetic and content, but also Rookie Mag that inspired to actually zine. Continue reading

HFZF Zinester Interview – Lovestruck Prints


Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair is coming up on Saturday, November 7th!

We’re featuring some of the cool peeps that will be tabling at the event.

Here’s Lovestruck Prints:

Feminism and portraying queer experience is at the core of my work as a gay women. I focus on making images of strong women who inspires me to be more of myself, in different ways, either by being sensitive, unapologetic, crazy, owning their sexuality, bossy, girlish, tomboy, or, well, really just whatever they want to be. I find it refreshing and liberating and I guess I just want to share that with the world. I also find it important to illustrate non hetero-centric relationships in order to balance things out in a culture of heteronormativity; also as an attempt to be seen and for others queer feminine folks to find images they can relate to.


The Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair,  organized by SACHA, celebrates and creates spaces for marginalized groups to have discussions about feminism through do-it-yourself publishing.

We’re aiming to create an accessible event that gives a platform to those often under-represented in zine culture.

HFZF will have people tabling, selling and chatting about their zines, workshops, a calm chill out space and a six hour zine challenge.

When: Saturday, November 7th from 11am to 5pm
Where: YWCA Hamilton – 75 MacNab Street South, Hamilton ON
Accessibility: The space is accessible, including washrooms. Here’s some more information about safe(r) spaces at HFZF.



Multi Language Service 5Most folks don’t know that SACHA’s 24 Hour Support Line is available in over 300 languages.

To help spread the word, we’re posting information on what happens when you call in a few languages over the next few weeks.

Traditional Chinese is retained in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and overseas Chinese communities except Singapore and Malaysia.

Chinese speakers in disparate dialect groups are able to communicate through writing.



  • 如果可以,找一個私密的地方打電話。
  • 撥號碼525.4162。
  • 接線員接聽後會說:“這裡是漢密爾頓地區性侵中心(Sexual Assault Centre Hamilton and Area,‘SACHA’)。”接聽電話的人並不是SACHA工作人員,而是協助您連絡SACHA旳接線員。他們會詢問您的名字和電話號碼。
  • 當問到您的名字時, 您可以只說名 (first name) 不說姓,或編造一個假名。如果說,我們回電時只有您會接聽電話,您也可以說:“我不想透露我的名字 。”
  • 當問到您的電話號碼時,請告知您的電話號碼,以便工作人員回電。或者,如果您不需要翻譯,並願意等候SACHA工作人員接聽,則可選擇不留電話號碼。如果您需要翻譯但又不便透露您的電話號碼,請您在星期一到星期五上午9點到下午5點之間致電SACHA辦公室,號碼是905-525-4573。
  • 如果您的電話有屏蔽,請您告訴接線員。
  • 專業訓練的SACHA工作人員會在10分鐘之內回電話,或者在接聽完上一個電話之後馬上回覆您。她會先自我介紹,告訴您她的名字,讓您知道她是從SACHA 打來,並向您解釋我們的保密政策。

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HFZF Zinster Interview – Femme-Crimes Distro


Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair is coming up on Saturday, November 7th! We’re featuring some of the cool peeps that will be tabling at the event starting with Billy from Femme-Crimes Distro.


Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Billy, also known as Starchild Stela. I’m a non-binary multi-disciplinary artist and illustrator. I love to organize events and art shows. I’m also very passionate about anti-oppression politics and self-publishing.

My current works centre around emotionality, vulnerability and softness, with a strong emphasis on my experience as a trauma and sexual violence survivor.

Femme-Crimes Distro is a zine project I’ve been working on for about a year now and is still developing. I wanted to create a catalogue of zines that are art-based and created by people who identify with feminist values and queerness. I distribute zines and comics created by people with various life experiences and different backgrounds. The core direction of my distro is to value the plurality of femme identities and the exploration of its various aesthetics. Continue reading

هنگامی که با خط تلفن ۲۴ ساعته پشتیبانی ساچا (SACHA) تماس می‌گیرم چه روی می‌دهد؟


Multi Language Services 2Most folks don’t know that SACHA’s 24 Hour Support Line is available in over 300 languages.

To help spread the word, we’re posting information on what happens when you call in a few languages over the next few weeks.

Farsi or Parsi (translated into English as Persian) is primarily spoken in Iran, Afghanistan (officially known as Dari since 1958 for political reasons), and Tajikistan (officially known as Tajiki since the Soviet era for political reasons), and some other regions which historically came under Persian influence

شیوه تماس گرفتن …

  • در صورت امکان، مکانی خصوصی برای زنگ زدن پیدا کنید.
  • شماره 4162-۵۲۵-۹۰۵ را بگیرید.
  • اپراتور پاسخ خواهد داد و خواهد گفت، «از طرف مرکز تجاوز جنسی ساچا جواب می‌دهم: Answering for SACHA, Sexual Assault Centre.»
  • اُپراتوری که جواب شما را می‌دهد کارمند مرکز ساچا نیست. اُپراتور ها تماس شما را با مددکاران مرکز ساچا برقرار می‌کنند، و نام و شماره تلفن شما را می‌پرسند.
  • هنگامی که اُپراتور نام شما را می‌پرسد، می‌توانید نام کوچک اصلی خود را بگویید، یا نام دیگری برای خود انتخاب کنید. اگر زمانی که به شما تلفن می‌کنند فقط خود شما تلفن را جواب می‌دهید، می‌توانید نامتان را نگویید و این‌گونه جواب دهید، «I’d rather not.»
  • هنگامی که اُپراتور از شما شماره تلفنتان را می‌خواهد، می‌توانید یا شماره تلفنتان را بدهید تا بعداً یک داوطلب بتواند به شما زنگ بزند، یا اگر به مترجم نیاز ندارید، شماره تلفن را ندهید و و این‌گونه جواب دهید، «I’d rather not». اگر به مترجم نیاز دارید ولی نمی‌توانید شماره تلفنتان را بدهید، لطفاً بین ساعت ۹صبح و ۵ عصر، از دوشنبه تا جمعه، با دفتر ساچا به شماره ۴۵۷۳-۵۲۵-۹۰۵ تماس بگیرید.
  • اگر تلفنتان را مسدود (block) کرده‌اید، این موضوع را به اپراتور بگویید.
  • یک مددکار آموزش‌دیده‌ی ساچا ظرف ۱۰ دقیقه، به محض پایان یافتن تلفنی که از قبل در حال پاسخگویی بوده است، به شما زنگ خواهد زد. مددکار با نام کوچک خود را معرفی خواهد کرد و به شما خواهد گفت که داوطلب ساچا است. به شما خواهد گفت که چنانچه می خواهید مقررات محرمانه نگاه داشتن اطلاعات را برایتان توضیح دهد.

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SACHA in Bathrooms


Even though SACHA has been around for forty years most people still don’t know about the work that we do to support survivors and end sexual violence.

We paid some money to get SACHA posters in washrooms across Hamilton.  We want folks of all genders who might need help from SACHA to know where to find us.

You might not need our services but in the future a friend or co-worker might.

Have you seen SACHA posters around in bars andrestaurants and some stores’ fitting rooms?

Washrooms are a particularly clever place to put up SACHA posters, as the shame and stigma that still surrounds sexual assault sometimes make it unsafe to be seen taking down SACHA’s 24 Hour Support Line number or website.

If you have a place to put up a SACHA poster contact our office and we’ll get some to you – 905.525.4573 or sacha@sacha.ca.