Reason #2 Not to Come to TBTN – Didn’t Know that Sexual Assault is an Issue in Hamilton


Take Back the Night is coming up on Thursday,  September 17th. We’re taking some time before the event to look at some of the reasons folks might not want to come to TBTN.

Reason #2 – I didn’t know that sexual assault is an issue in Hamilton.

It makes sense that you have not heard that sexual assault is a problem in Hamilton because sexual assault is still not talked about and very hidden. One in three women and one in six men will experience sexual assault in their lifetime.

Part of Take Back the Night is letting people know that sexual assault is still an issue in our community and to also let folks know that people care about ending violence.

For many folks either being a person who cares about ending sexual violence or being a survivor of violence is a really isolating experience.

Joining hundreds and hundreds of others fighting sexual assault at TBTN can be a powerful reminder that you are not alone – either in your experiences, or in taking a stand against sexual violence.


Use your voice! Take a stand against victim blaming and to support survivors of sexual violence. Lets let the entire world know that we believe survivors!

Take Back the Night, an annual event organized by SACHA — Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton & Area) — is a powerful opportunity for all woman-identified folks to actively build connections, assertively reclaim our right to safety, and courageously stand up against violence.

When: Thursday, September 17th, 2015

6:00pm – We Gather
7:00pm – We Rally
7:30pm – We March

Where: Hamilton City Hall – 71 Main Street, Hamilton ON
Who: Women-Identified Folks and Children are welcome!

Read about why we organize Take Back the Night as a space for women to speak out against violence here.

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtags #TBTN2015,#WeBelieveSurvivors & #HamOnt!

More Information:


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