The Cost of Sexual Violence


According to a 2013 Statistics Canada survey five types of violent crime have a combined economic impact of  12.7 billion dollars. This can include lost wages, medical costs, court costs, and social welfare costs.

From the Toronto Star article that covered the survey’s findings:

  • By far the largest single cost — $4.8 billion of the total — was attributed to sexual assault and other sexual offences, crimes in which more than 90 per cent of victims were women.
  • Victims bore most of the costs for all five types of crime, $10.6 billion, with criminal justice system and third-party costs far behind.
  • “The victims bear the greatest burden of the impacts, much of it intangible, and family, friends and employers can also be burdened,” the authors conclude…“The impacts are eventually felt by all Canadians in the form of public spending on the justice system and social services.”
  • “Understanding and being aware of the costs of crime, particularly as they impact victims, can result in more effective and timely crime interventions,” said department spokesman Andrew Gowing.
  • Previous Justice Canada studies, using the same methodology, examined the economic cost of all crimes that occurred in 2008 ($99.6 billion); of gun crimes in the same year ($3.1 billion); and of spousal violence that occurred in 2009 ($7.4 billion).”

It’s in all of our interests to work to end sexual violence.


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