Why Do You March? #21


“I march at Take Back the Night because I’m part of the statistic – one in three women. I think all women deserve to feel safe and secure in their environment, and coming here has helped me feel that way. Since my sexual assault, I’ve been told to be careful, be afraid, to watch out, so it won’t happen again. It was never my fault and I don’t want other women who’ve gone through that to feel like it’s ever their fault. I do this for them.” – Britt

Why are you marching at Take Back the Night? Let us know in the comments.

Take Back the Night, an annual event organized by SACHA — Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton & Area) — is a powerful opportunity for all woman-identified folks to actively build connections, assertively reclaim our right to safety, and courageously stand up against violence.

When: Thursday, September 17th, 2015

6:00pm – We Gather
7:00pm – We Rally
7:30pm – We March

Where: Hamilton City Hall – 71 Main Street, Hamilton ON
Who: Women-Identified Folks and Children are welcome!

Read about why we organize Take Back the Night as a space for women to speak out against violence here.

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtags #TBTN2015,#WeBelieveSurvivors & #HamOnt!

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