Tuval’s Open Letter to Royal Military College


To whom it may concern,

Recent reports indicate that your student body accepts disrespect and disdain for women. It also seems clear that there is a culture in your institution that allows young people to believe that rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment and degrading women are humorous topics to be scoffed at and joked about.

There is no indication that the RMC takes this situation seriously. Someone who was harassed at your college has been receiving death threats and other horrific forms of harassment for telling the truth. As of yet, no one from the RMC has spoken in her defense or attempted to dissuade people from being abusive and hateful.

I implore you, as a self-described creator of peace keepers and Canadian leaders of the future, to take a hard look at how you address sexism, misogyny and sexual violence in your college.

Let’s create a future where you are known for graduating students who are making the world safer for women rather then more hostile and dangerous.

Tuval Dinner

Tuval Dinner is a violence prevention educator specializing  in healthy relationships, consent, gender  equity and healthy masculinity. Tuval coordinates outreach and public education for COPA, a non-profit violence prevention education association.


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