Lenore Lukasik-Foss, Woman of Distinction

sacha women of distinction

SACHA’s Women of Distinction! From left to right: Diane – SACHA Staff, Diana – SACHA Volunteer and nominee for a Young Woman of Distinction Award, Myriam – SACHA Staff and winner of Volunteer Award, Htee – SACHA Staff, Lenore – SACHA Staff and winner of Community Development and Social Inclusion Award

Lenore Lukasik-Foss – SACHA’s Director – is a proud feminist who recently was awarded a Woman of Distinction award.

Here is the words she shared on the night of the ceremony:

Good evening and thank you. I am so deeply honoured to accept this award tonight and really overwhelmed. I want to acknowledge Rae Pemberton and Tara Coffin Simpson – my co-nominees: who are Women of Distinction. I also want to thank my amazing colleague Katherine Kalinowski for nominating me, all the awesome women who supported my nomination, my amazing family (many whom are here tonight) and to the YWCA for organizing this event.

I have been so privileged to do work that I love alongside passionate, dedicated people – first at Good Shepherd Centres, now at the Sexual Assault Centre.

Right now we are experiencing an amazing moment in our efforts to end violence against women. Even a few years ago, people would politely back away from me at parties when they heard that I work at the Sexual Assault Centre or found out I am a proud feminist.

Now, things are shifting and we are having difficult, sensitive conversations in our communities: we are talking about rape culture, the impacts of victim blaming and believing survivors of woman abuse and sexual violence! Amazing! Now, when I am at the coffee shop – people actually WANT to talk about these issues. This gives me great hope.

Finally, this award really belongs to my kick-ass colleagues, community partners, and most of all – the many survivors who were brave enough to keep reaching out until they found support and allowed SACHA to journey with them. I am honoured to do my work.

Thank you.


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