Review – How to Talk to Kids About Consent


By MF Miller

There are so many things to rave about in “How To Talk To Kids About Consent,” the mini-webinar by sex educator, Nadine Thornhill.

It offers a great introduction to approaching the issue of consent with children of varying ages while also highlighting some of the barriers around sex in our society. She identifies various stereotypes and obstacles currently hindering the idea of consent and gives great examples of how to approach these with children and teens.

Thornhill is a fresh, fun and approachable speaker. She makes the subject matter easily relatable and never talks down to the viewer. It feels very comfortable from the very beginning and her presentation style is clear and easy to follow.

The structure of the webinar is great because of how balanced it is. It’s introductory but at the same time really breaks down what is really important when talking about consent and and sexuality.

I appreciated that Thornhill gives you give lots of useful real-life scenarios and there’s a sense of empowerment that I had as a viewer when I realized that I’m actually already parenting this way. For example, parents are often already talking about consent in some capacity when we teach our children how to behave as a guest in somebody’s house – what’s permitted, how to behave, how to ask for permission for things like using a washroom, and how permissions can change and evolve over time.

If you are a parent you are like already talking about consent, and having a professional like Thornhill point it out feels good and reassuring.

Thornhill also highlights that we have to stop thinking about consent as a taboo or difficult word. Consent should be something that is positive and is something that we should look forward to receiving. We have to stop treating sexuality like something that just turns on and off at some point. We have to get used to seeing sexuality and consent as ongoing discussions. Discussions that are continual, healthy, and positive. Thornhill is great at giving you the tools to start the conversation with your children while also getting you, the parent, thinking about all of the different ways consent is an integral part of our sexual health and happiness.

Her webinar is a great toolkit for parents looking to establish an open dialogue with their children and normalize the power and importance of consent in our society. My only complaint is that it’s only twenty minutes long.


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