Romita Sur, Woman of Distinction


Romita is a 4th year social work and political science student. She is an intersectional feminist and believes that solidarity within community is important to bring about change.  Romita is the faciliator of McMaster University’s United in Colour , a support and advocacy group for students of colour that uses a Black Feminist framework.

On Thursday, Romita was awarded a Women of Distinction award and she shared some of her thoughts about what it is to be a woman of distinction.

Being a Woman of Distinction is overwhelming, exciting, and surreal.

I would like to thank my family, friends, professors, supervisors, and all the women I have worked with who have supported and encouraged me.  I could not have done this without all of you.

I would like to thank my friends Zaynab and Sabeen, my professor Saara Greene, and my mentor Lisa Watt for believing in me in being able to be a leader in my community.

In my family, my grandparents and parents always say “We live in a society that tells women that they are not good or capable enough for certain jobs or opportunities, but when women support each other and believe in themselves, there is nothing stopping them for going for their dreams”. Being a Woman of Distinction means just this.

Although I was involved with social justice groups at my university, my passion for positive change in the Hamilton community began when I started my placement at Jared’s Place and supported women through the legal process in leaving abusive situations.

This made me reflect on my own community at McMaster which encouraged me to speak up and do something about it through leading United in Colour and having mine and other women of colour voices’ heard in violence against women working groups and anti-oppressive committees, so that the policies and changes created for us are in collaboration with us.


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