SACHA Volunteers For the Win


It’s National Volunteer week!

We cannot even begin to describe how strong, dedicated, and amazing all of our SACHA volunteers are.

Last year SACHA volunteers donated over 9022 hours to not only help with SACHA’s day to day operations, but also to make our centre brighter more welcoming place.

Volunteers strengthen SACHA with their fabulous gifts, enthusiasm, and skills.

Most volunteers at SACHA are answering the 24 Hour Support Line. They offer supportive listening and let survivors know that they are believed and not alone.

Massive SACHA events like International Women’s Day, Take Back the Night, and Chocolate Fest wouldn’t happen if we didn’t have committees of volunteers working for months in planning as well as the amazing event volunteers who make the event happen much more smoothly.

Management Committee volunteers take the time to think about SACHA as a whole and help us to make big decisions about SACHA’s direction.

Thank you to our hundreds of SACHA volunteers. Thank you today and thank you every day.

If you know a SACHA volunteer please give them a high five from us.



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