Celebrating Trans Folks: Tobi Hill-Meyer Breaks it Down!


Tobi Hill-Meyer, a prominent trans writer and filmmaker, provides a number of examples of transmisogyny where trans women experience the compounding oppressions of transphobia and misogyny:

• When trans women desperately in need of sexual assault or domestic violence services are turned away because their needs are considered less important than the hypothetical discomfort their presence might cause for others, that’s transmisogyny.

• When trans women have every aspect of their presentation examined and labeled either hyperfeminine and therefore fake or not feminine enough and therefore male, while the same traits would be seen as normal in cis women, that’s transmisogyny.

• When trans women are told that they need to stop being assertive and strong because it is a sign of male privilege – invariably by “feminists” who, of course, encourage cis women to be assertive and strong – that’s transmisogyny.

Watch a wonderful talk by Tobi here:

Talking about our experiences and our identities and getting to know each other can be powerful! One option is to go to this explicitly trans and gender non-conforming friendly event: LGBTQ+ and Allies Mix and Mingle. There will be Queer Jeopardy!!


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