Feminism ≠ Trans Hate! Nope, Not Ever!


We know that anybody can say they are a feminist. And we are excited that most people take up feminist ideas for big hearted brave reasons! But we also know that, sadly, feminist ideas (like any ideology) can be twisted for not so great political agendas – like, as Harsha Walia eloquently described this International Women’s Day, in the service of imperialism or, as we want to expose in this post: the repression of gender freedom.

The majority of feminists are welcoming and inviting of transgender people at least, and feminists are often gender freedom advocates in solidarity with trans folks!

Today’s post shares three resources intended to shed light on the ways that a small group of people are twisting feminism as an excuse for intentional hatred and sometimes violence towards transgendered people.

Everyday Feminism’s ‘Why the Feminist Movement Must be Trans-Inclusive’:

Transgender people face institutional discrimination, oppression, and violence as a result of transphobia as well as sexism – due to a structural obsession with the gender binary, with a cultural and political policing of gender roles, and an overall devaluation of feminine qualities

Trans issues are feminist issues – and if we are to build an intersectional and effective feminist movement, it is imperative that we work to make feminism trans-inclusive.

The  Trans Advocate’s  ‘Unpacking Transphobia in Feminism‘:

Anti-trans views ultimately come from a flawed, female-chauvinist analysis that sees sexism as the paramount issue and only weakly, if at all, takes into account how women’s oppression intersects with racism, class, ableism, homophobia and of course transphobia.

Bitch Magazines’s ‘It’s Time to End the Long History of Feminism Failing Transgender Women’ :

It has been said that feminism has failed the transgender community. It’s hard to disagree. Trans women have been weathering a storm of hate and abuse in the name of feminism for decades now and for the most part, cisgender feminists have failed to speak out about it or push against it.

And finally, check out this article is an example of activists speaking out and not supporting trans-hate under the guise of radical feminism.


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