Laverne Cox in Hamilton – All the Details


Laverne Cox will be at Mohawk College on March 26th! That’s soon soon soon!

Here are all the details that you’ll need…


Tickets are available online. Once tickets sell out online, we don’t have any more to sell. That means if tickets sell out, we won’t have any for sale at the door.  We’ll update the Facebook event closer to the date about whether or not we’ve sold out of tickets.

What’s Happening?

5pm – The VIP event is in the Cellar, Mohawk’s student bar and restaurant. There will be snacks, games, and folks will get to meet Laverne.

6:30pm – Doors to the McIntyre Theatre open.

7:30pm – Laverne starts talking about her amazing life and story.

9pm – After the event, Laverne will be sticking around to meet and chat with folks.

How do I get there? Campus Map Here’s a handy map about how to get to Mohawk College and park there.

If you have VIP tickets, you want to get to G Wing for the VIP event in the Cellar (right beside the Arnie) by 5pm.

If you have General Admission tickets, you want to get to C Wing to get to the McIntyre Theatre before 7:30pm.

There will be lots of parking attendants and signage to help folks get to where they need to be.

I bought my ticket online. What happens when I arrive?

There will be awesome SACHA volunteers sitting underneath a sign that says ‘Picking Up Tickets’. We just need the name that you bought the tickets under and we’ll hand you your tickets.

I have my ticket, but it says March 23rd on it…

That’s because we had to reschedule Laverne’s visit to Hamilton from the 23rd to the 26th. Tickets that say March 23rd on them are still valid, just make sure to show up to Mohawk College on March 26th!

What does General Admission mean?

General Admission means that there is no assigned seating like on a plane.  It means that when you come into the theatre you get to choose where you sit.

There will be whole sections blocked off for folks with VIP tickets and folks who are Mohawk College students. There will be ushers to help folks figuring out where to sit.

There are absolutely no bad seats in McIntyer Theatre! You will have a great experience whether you are in the front row or the last row. Promise!

I need help getting to my seat.

We’ve got lots of usher volunteers ready to help folks get to their seats. If you need a bit of extra help, maybe you walk with a cane, please arrive a bit early and look for the volunteers with the sign that says ‘Accessible Seating’.

We’ll be opening up the theatre early (in between 6:20pm and 6:25pm) for folks who need extra help with seating.

More accessibility information:

  • Both the VIP event and the Laverne’s talk are in physically accessible spaces, including washrooms.
  • There are ten spaces for wheelchairs in the theatre.
  • There will be volunteers available to help folks who would like help get to their seats.
  • There will be ASL interpretation.
  • There will be supportive listeners at the SACHA table.

Is this a fundraiser?

Nope. The cost of admission is just to cover the costs of having Laverne visit Hamilton.

I have more questions…

Super! Contact!


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