Gender in Tech: Men (Un)Learning the (Bro) Code


Since SACHA is speaking about STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) at CREST – Current Research in Engineering, Science, and Technology this Friday, this week we’re focusing on women in tech!

At last November’s What Makes a Man Conference there was a fabulous panel called Gender in Tech: Men (Un)Learning the (Bro) Code.

It featured Saadia Muzaffar – Senior Director of Marketing at Audience View, Natalie Zina Walschots  – who is doing her PhD in video games, digital cultures, and feminist criticism, and Ramona Pringle – digital journalist and producer.

Lyndsay Kirkham – writer, college professor and creator of Feminist Anne of Green Gables and Syndications on the Rights of Women – was not able to be at the panel as she was making a police report because of online threats and harassment.

They talk about the exhaustion of constantly having to prove yourself in tech, about the need for folks to listen to the stories of women who are working in tech, and about how men can take action every day.

Watch the entire panel here:


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