Mutlicultural Sewing Circle Graduation



This week women from SACHA’s Multicultural Women’s Sewing Circle graduated.  The group is for women who want to share and learn new skills as well as break isolation.

Participants have let us know how excited they are to be a part of the group. Telling us, “I feel privileged to be a part of this group,” and “We really listened and learned from each other.”

Other participants talked about how they missed the group in between sessions:

“I look forward to every Tuesday – when sewing group is.  As soon as I leave the class in the afternoon, I’m looking forward to next week. I post all of my sewing projects online, so all my friends can see.” — sewing circle participant

Or how sewing made them feel – “When I use the sewing machine, I am very happy.”

Participants had examples of the projects that they worked on displayed.

IMG_20150224_133107 IMG_20150224_131932

If you are interested in joining SACHA’s Multicultural Women’s Sewing Circle, contact Sandra – or 905.525.4573.


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