Services for Male Survivors Secured Until 2017


SACHA received pilot funding to start seeing male survivors of sexual violence in September 2011.

The response from men has been incredible!

SACHA helped my giving me the courage to talk about what happened to me with others.  Not only being able to talk to the counsellor at SACHA, but to share my story with my friends and family.  The services offered at SACHA helped the shame and embarrassment of being a male survivor of sexual abuse disappear, and it helped me finally address things head on and realize it was not my fault for what happened to me. — Adam, former SACHA service user

Male_Crowd_Poster_final_1We recently found out that the pilot funding has been continued until 2017.

Anyone interested in accessing counselling at SACHA, would like a poster, or would like to book a SACHA presenter can call SACHA’s office at 905.525.4573.

SACHA also offers training to workplaces and helping professionals on a wide range of topics including supporting survivors, dynamics of sexual assault and unique barriers and issues that male survivors experience.

Currently SACHA is able to offer counselling in English and Spanish and make use of interpreters in other languages, including ASL. SACHA has partnered with the Centre de Santé Communautaire de Hamilton/Niagara and the Hamilton Regional Indian Centre to offer culturally-appropriate services for French-speaking and Aboriginal/First Nations men.

A man who’s been to SACHA for counselling also shared this poem with us:

The Beacon

A ray of hope
Shining through the fog of life
That’s what you are to us the survivors
You offer a safe place to recover, to vent, to heal
You ask for nothing in return
Your payment is seeing the broken healed or mended on the road to recovery
You offer advice, a shoulder to help
Some journeys start and end with you
But most do not
So at least it’s a start
Like the light houses and buoy markers of old you try to guide us
Through the treacherous routes that the events that have lead us to you and beyond

Thank you.


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