Spotlight on Chocolate Fest Bakeries – Beanermunky


SACHA’s Chocolate Fest is coming up soon on Thursday, February 5th and we are highlighting some of the bakeries that we be bringing delicious chocolate treats!

Buy tickets to Chocolate Fest here.

Why is participating in SACHA’s Chocolate Fest important to Beanermunky Chocolate.

First and foremost, it is to be a part of SACHA’s fundraising event. Sexual assault has probably affected each of us, or someone close to us,  at some time or in some way. Secondly, it is an excellent way for a food business such as ours to be experienced by a large group of people. The opportunity to speak “one on one” with our customers and have them sample our decadent chocolate is a great marketing tool!

What exciting treats do you have planned for this year’s Chocolate Fest?

This year we are bringing a few favourites such as Caramel Dipsticks, Marshmallow Madness and our Artisan Chocolates. We are also bringing some new items to sample – our Reese’s PB Bark and our new beverage – Crio Bru which is a ground cacao brewed drink – much like coffee but healthier.

Why are you passionate about chocolate?

My interest in chocolate spans my entire lifetime. I love everything about it – from its ancient Mayan roots to the role it plays in our celebrations and daily life. It is an outlet for my creativity and it makes people smile……what more can I say?

 Tell us more about your business.

Beanermunky Chocolate began in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market and since 2011 has been located in historic downtown Dundas. Our artisan chocolates and confections are made by hand, onsite, and customers can watch them being made in  through our large viewing window. Everything is made in small batches using no additives or preservatives. We always have samples!


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