5 Reasons to Go to SACHA’s Chocolate Fest


SACHA’s Chocolate Fest presented by Meridian is coming up on Thursday, February 5th.

You can buy tickets to Chocolate Fest online or by calling 905.525.4573.

Here are five reasons you should go:


Great people. Delicious treats. Fun time.  If you don’t like fun, you might want to take a pass…2. Put a face to all those SACHA folks

HCRG at CF 2014

Did you know that all the SACHA awesomeness happens with just six full time and three part-time staff? Come meet the women that make SACHA happen.

You can also shake the hand and say thank you to the over one hundred volunteers who answer SACHA’s Support Line, make SACHA events happen, and sit on SACHA committees.

You might also get to meet your favourite Hammer City Roller Girls skater too. HCRG are super SACHA supporters!

3. Silent Auction

Lots of goodies, treats, gift certificates, pottery, crafts, and art to bid on.  You have to check out the Silent Auction at Chocolate Fest.

You get to take something home with you while also supporting SACHA! WIN!


forrats cf 2014

A room entirely filled with chocolate for you to sample.  It is almost too much to fathom.

We have actually run out of space at past Chocolate Fests to put the chocolate and have had to pile treats into giant chocolate pyramids.

Have you ever seen a chocolate sculpture? Now is your chance…

sculpure cf 2014

Cake and Loaf’s Lovebirds chocolate sculpture at 2014’s Chocolate Fest.

Check out the amazing local businesses that will be coming!

5. Supporting SACHA

By coming to Chocolate Fest you’re helping SACHA to continue our work of supporting survivors and working to end sexual violence.

Something you can feel good about.


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