HFZF Zinester Interviews – Samille Janelle


Tell us a little about yourself and your zine/project/distro.

I’m an artist and graphic designer based here in Hamilton. I’ve been actively creating since high school; but I wasn’t actively engaging in the local art scene until long after I graduated from art school. My approach to the art world, and how I create, is probably not very traditional. PAGED. really sprouted out of the frustration of not being able to find my niche in the local art community – and finding out that many of my creative friends – most of whom are women – felt the same way. I wanted to create a space for all creative types to shine, and in a format that is as portable as it is traditional. Making a zine was the natural progression out of that. 

Each issue showcases five different local artists from Hamilton or surrounding areas that specialize in a range of mediums from photography to graphic, fashion design,  painting, illustration, poetry, and more. I basically wanted to give space to any creative endeavour that could be shared on a print level.

I’m solo-dolo behind the submissions, layout design, assembly and distribution. The zine itself is currently on hold while I do a bit of reorganizing and re-conceptualizing, but I still feel it’s important to make back issues available. So, here I am! 🙂

How did you start making zines? Who/what influenced you?

Zine culture, already being relatively an underground movement, wasn’t all too visible in Hamilton. I have a small collection of some great zines I amassed during my time at art school. I really loved the format, and the idea of independent publishing. I wanted to contribute a great, colourful little pocket gallery to the local art community, too! Something that could be appreciated and even sought after as an Art Crawl staple. Ultimately, it was having so many great artists as friends that really inspired me to start PAGED. – it honestly couldn’t exist without them.

What does it mean to make feminist zines/do feminist DIY publishing?

To me, feminist DIY publishing is revolutionary. On this platform, we’re able to create a close community of creative and innovative women who are genuinely invested in educating and supporting one another. Right now in 2014, I think we’re beginning to truly understand the complexities within feminism – and the HFZF couldn’t be happening at a better time. The dialogue is constantly expanding, and the zine format is a great way to reach the masses.

Tell us about a feminist who inspires you to keep working on your zines/projects.

Women like Lauryn Hill or Renée Cox who are unapologetic in their style, presentation and message. It isn’t easy – and it’s their unwavering spirit that definitely feels akin to the drive behind the creation of PAGED.

What excites you about Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair or the idea of feminist zine fairs in general?

The chance to broaden my awareness of all the great feminist zines that are in distribution around me! I truly look forward to engaging with other zinesters and really seeing what’s out there. It’s an even bigger plus that it’s happening here at home in Hamilton. We definitely need the HFZF!!


Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair celebrates and creates spaces for marginalized groups to have discussions about feminism through do-it-yourself publishing.

When: Saturday, November 15th from 10am to 5pm
Where: YWCA Hamilton – 75 MacNab Street South, Hamilton ON
Accessibility: The space is physically accessible, including washrooms. Here’s some more information about safe(r) spaces at HFZF.


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