Jian Ghomeshi Media Round Up #2


Al Jazeera English – Beyond Victim Blaming featuring Julie Lalonde from HollaBack! Ottawa and Draw the Line talking about rape culture and victim blaming

CBCnews.ca – VIDEO: 5 Myths About Sexual Violence feature Lenore Lukasik-Foss, SACHA’s Director and Chair of Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres

“We know that about one in three women in her lifetime will experience some form of sexual violence,” she said, also noting that one in six boys will experience child sexual abuse. “This is absolutely outrageous.”

Rabble.ca – Survivors Need Support Now: Statement From One Rape Crisis Centre from Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape

We will support survivors in whatever way they choose to heal. Every survivor is different and knows what is best for them. It’s important that everyone supports and understands the power of this choice, rather than demand legal proceedings to prove whether the assault happened or not.

Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region – Sexual Assault Centres in Ontario Reach Out to Survivors

If you are a friend of colleague of someone who is dealing with sexual violence, there are things you can do. You can be an ally to the person who is victimized, instead of the aggressors.

The Globe and Mail – Male Bystander Intervention Can Help to End Sexual Assault

He likens silence by men on sexual assault or harassment as similar to white people not challenging racism by peers. “The core of the teaching is about responsibility and social responsibility … if you’re a man and you are silent in the face of abusive behaviour, your silence is a form of consent and complicity, your silence is giving consent to that behaviour.”

CBC MetroMorning – Role of Men featuring Jeff Perera from White Ribbon Campaign

CBC MetroMorning – Coming Forward featuring Farrah Khan counsellor at Barbara Schifler Commemorative Clinic and of femifesto

The Hamilton Spectator – Wynne Wants Review Workplace Sexual Harassment Rules

Wynne says the issue of protecting people from sexual harassment at work isn’t new and is only top of mind because of the scandal surrounding Ghomeshi, who is now being investigated by Toronto police after three women came forward with abuse complaints.

Huffington Post – Strombo Speaks Out on Jian Ghomeshi Scandal

“There is no grey area when it comes to violence, and there is no grey area when it comes to sexual consent. And further to that, I hope we’ve all learned the value of creating a safer space for victims, so they don’t have to hide or fear backlash. Men need to talk about this with each other, it’s important. If you’ve experienced domestic violence or sexual harassment at work, there are people who can help.”

The Toronto Star –I Didn’t Believe the Women Accusing Jian Ghomeshi and I am Ashamed

Last week I came face to face with my own bias and I was left with a deep sense of regret and shame. I consider myself an ardent supporter of women’s rights and being a survivor of sexual violence myself, one would think that I would have rushed to believe the women that Jian Ghomeshi allegedly sexually assaulted. But I did not. In fact, I doubted their credibility. And for this, I am ashamed.


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