Sending Support and Love


It has been a tough week.

There are a lot of folks who we want to send some love and support to:

  • All of the women who have been hurt by Jian Ghomeshi.  We believe you.
  • All survivors.  Hearing other survivors stories and the victim blaming backlash can be super hard.  We’re here if you need to talk to someone who will listen – 905.525.4162.
  • The folks who started and having been sharing the #ibelievewomen, #ibelievelucy and #beenrapedneverreported hashtags.  Thank you.  The stories, bravery and support have been amazingly touching.
  • Community members who have been sending SACHA their shout outs, love and donations.  You recognizing the work that SACHA has been doing to for forty years not only supports us but also gives us hope.
  • The folks who created the petition as a gesture of love and support to survivors.  What a superb way to let the survivors who have come forward, the ones who are choosing not to, and all survivors know that they are loved and valued.



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