HFZF Interview with Zinsters – Static Cloud


Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair celebrates and creates spaces for marginalized groups to have discussions about feminism through do-it-yourself publishing.

When: Saturday, November 15th from 10am to 5pm
Where: YWCA Hamilton – 75 MacNab Street South, Hamilton ON
Accessibility: The space is physically accessible, including washrooms. Here’s some more information about safe(r) spaces at HFZF.

To get folks excited about the fair, we’re interviewing zinesters who will be tabling.  We’re starting our by chatting with Jessica from Static Cloud!

static zine scary profile

Static Cloud’s editors Jessica, Aviva and Melody

Tell us a little about yourself and your zine/project/distro.

Static Cloud is the umbrella name for both Static Zine, a Toronto-based DIY mag(azine) and its distro, which includes zines by the Static’s contributors and friends. Static Zine comes out two times a year (formerly three). Every issue is on a different theme, and every page is by a different person in any way they desire (writing, illustration, photography, collage, games, etc).

A lot of the zines include feminist perspectives on the specified topic. Jessica, the editor, has a few zines in the distro such as one on understanding mental health (hers and others’) called ‘The Pressure to be Happy’. We also have comics, a zine of pasta recipes, a zine about a female sound tech going on tour with a quite masculine metalcore band, a zine about queer Sailor Moon fanfiction, some other mental health perzines and more!

The distro is ever-growing. You can check us out at www.staticzine.com or www.etsy.com/shop/staticcloud.

How did you start making zines? Who/what influenced you?

A group of pals got together wanting to make something in the community that wasn’t a blog. Three of us finally landed on the idea of a themed zine. That was in 2011.

We are influenced by the standard “zine look,” that’s black & white, photocopied, cut and paste for Static Zine.

For my perzine, I’ve been influenced by a lot of other fellow zinesters who I have met over the last few years like Clara Bee Lavery, Motor City Kitty, Maranda Elizabeth, Nichole of Pieces and A Visitor in Myself, Taryn Hipp of Lady Teeth and many more. I love them all! I feel inspired by everyone!

What does it mean to make feminist zines/do feminist diy publishing?

My first thought was “because, duh.” My co-editors say “because Beyonce.” But really… it means furthering your voice out into the community and the world in a way that you know how or want to. In a way that your voice is uncensored, real and honest. It means that you can talk about your experiences and ideals; help people see that these issues are still powerful. It means zines are not dead. It means you matter.

Tell us about a feminist who inspires you to keep working on your zines/projects.

My co-editors echo “Beyonce!” We may or may not have dedicated a zine to her before. If we haven’t yet, I’m sure it’s coming soon. We most definitely dedicated an issue to Ryan Gosling(‘s butt). I’m also inspired by a lot of feminists in the writing and zine scenes. They always keep my head in check.

What excites you about Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair or the idea of feminist zine fairs in general?

I am so excited that Hamilton not only has a zine fair but a feminist zine fair! I have never been to Hamilton before, so, I’m excited about that too. My excitement’s pretty much the same about my answer to the question above – I am so, so glad to see people with like-minded ideals and hobbies come together, especially in a time when doing so can be quite difficult, especially in small introverted scenes. I think that’s incredibly important. You now must keep doing this fair for one thousand years.


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