Sending Support and Love


It has been a tough week.

There are a lot of folks who we want to send some love and support to:

  • All of the women who have been hurt by Jian Ghomeshi.  We believe you.
  • All survivors.  Hearing other survivors stories and the victim blaming backlash can be super hard.  We’re here if you need to talk to someone who will listen – 905.525.4162.
  • The folks who started and having been sharing the #ibelievewomen, #ibelievelucy and #beenrapedneverreported hashtags.  Thank you.  The stories, bravery and support have been amazingly touching.
  • Community members who have been sending SACHA their shout outs, love and donations.  You recognizing the work that SACHA has been doing to for forty years not only supports us but also gives us hope.
  • The folks who created the petition as a gesture of love and support to survivors.  What a superb way to let the survivors who have come forward, the ones who are choosing not to, and all survivors know that they are loved and valued.



Jian Ghomeshi Round Up


A collection of articles so far…

Owen Pallet on Facebook

I too have heard endless rumours that he’s been a bad date, and have heard stories of shadiness and strange behaviour.

I have heard about his ridiculous pick-up lines and have (to my shame) tittered about them with my friends. But I have never heard, until today, that Jian Ghomeshi beats women.

I am skeptical of arts reporting. I am skeptical of Canadian journalism. I am sensitive toward shaming of people who are so-called sexual deviants.

But let’s be clear. Whether the court decides that predatory men are punished or exonerated does not silence the voices of the victims. It does not make victims liars.

Whether our culture continues to celebrate the works of predatory men is another issue. It does not silence the voices of the victims.

Continue reading

HFZF Interview with Zinesters – e.war


whats a zineTell us a little about yourself and your zine/project/distro.

I’m e.war I have a distro called “Look Mum!” and I distro stuff about sex work, sex, queer sex, perzines, art zines. I also have a zine called Fag Punk, it’s a queer erotica zine with a lot of man on man action with major punk and radical themes.

How did you start making zines? Who/what influenced you?

In my first year of high school  some kids in their last year of high school made a one sheet called ‘QWERTY’ for their media studies class, they also handed it out to their friends. Some how I got a copy and I was entranced. ‘QWERTY’ was clever, cool, and so neat. I was turned on by the idea that I could make something and share it with my friends. Continue reading

HFZF Interview with Zinesters – Tara Bursey

Photo Credit - Elaine Banks -

Photo Credit – Elaine Banks –

eat to the beat

Tell us a little about yourself and your zine/project/distro, including website(s), etc…

I’ve been making zines for over half my life! The zines I do are pretty eclectic. One of my latest zines was a community cookbook where many of the folks I know in bands, working in record stores and DJs came together and submitted their favourite recipes, re-christening each recipe to include the name of a band or singer. Other examples of zines I’ve done are a zine of interviews with people I know about their experiences with museums, a zine about punk rock and creative practice and a dictionary of my mother’s Macedonian dialect in zine form. Before getting really immersed in the interview format, I did zines that were more art-based. My first zine Poseur Grrrl was the zine I made in high school– it was a cut-and-paste, feminist punk zine that lasted for 13 issues. Continue reading

HFZF Interview with Zinesters – Sarah Pinder


sarahpinderzine1 sarahpinder

Tell us a little about yourself and your zine/project/distro.

I’m a writer and educator who lives in Toronto. I’m a zine maker, and also have a book of poetry out with Coach House Books, called Cutting Room.

My zines are predominantly poetry focused. Recurrent themes include: utopia/dystopia, domesticity, labour, bodies and intimacy, and… teeth. My website is here: and you can catch me on twitter and instagram as @compasspoints. Continue reading

HFZF Interviews with Zinesters – Amarina and Ron


Where We Meet Teaser Ron and Amarina

Tell us a little about yourself and your zine/project/distro.

Our zine Where We Meet is a collaboration between Earth-based cohorts/lovebirds Ron Caddigan and Amarina Norris. Here’s what happens: four friends bound by a sisterhood of search gain four items of magical importance. When they meet again they are rewarded for their offerings.

Ron is a multidisciplinary artist, musician and livingroom dance party gold medalist.

Amarina is a fashion designer, beauty diversity activist and owner of the online plus-size vintage clothing store Ursa Major+. Continue reading

SACHA on Parliament Hill Today


IMAG0283Lenore Lukasik-Foss, SACHA’s Director and President of the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres will be speaking to the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities about Bill c-591.

This is a bill to amend the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security Act would not allow a victim’s benefits be paid to the person who has been convicted of their murder.

Here’s more information on the amendment –

Good afternoon Honourable Members, staff and guests. Thank you for the opportunity to address the committee on Bill c-591. Today I am speaking on behalf of the Sexual Assault Centre (Hamilton and Area) and the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres – also known as the OCRCC. OCRCC is network of 26 sexual assault centres from across Ontario. We offer counselling, information and support services to survivors of recent and historical sexual assault. Continue reading