Dress More Sexy


Andrea Dee is an all round bad ass intersectional feminist and massive SACHA supporter.  She plays roller derby and frequently travels to Spain. She dreams of being a cartographer and living in the mountains.

Andrea sent us her experience of workplace sexual harassment.

andrea deeToday I head to my hell hole work for my predicted last day. I’m choosing to wear my “unsexy” outfit that started this whole sexual harassment predicament. He insisted that I had to look more sexy and wear a dress despite other female co-workers being allowed to wear pants.

My boss will likely say something humiliating to me in front of all the staff, and I with my head held high will demolish him with my words. Not because I need to defend myself, but I need to defend all the women that experience sexual harassment in the work place and in their daily lives.

Think about this – 87% of Canadian women report experiencing sexual harassment. EIGHTY-SEVEN PERCENT!

I’m tired of being silent. I’m also tired of being told to shut up. NO I WON’T. Not until the day I have to stop calling men out on sexual harassment. Not until the day that I can feel comfortable and safe in my workplace, my city, my streets. Not until the day I can bike to work without having barbaric comments hurled from men in passing by vehicles.

I want to see change, I need it. Even if I am standing alone, I’d rather be here than remain silent.

Thank you for all the support from the beautiful souls I know. I have had some rad people come to me this week and show their support in different and wonderful ways. Thank you for always encouraging me to do what is right, and for the solidarity.

I leave you with this very true quote that inspires me to not remain silent, “Well-behaved women seldom make history….”

— Andrea Dee


If you have experienced sexual harassment you can get support by calling SACHA’s Support Line – 905.525.4162 – or by coming to see a counsellor at SACHA.


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