Safe(r) Spaces at Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair


hfzf-fb-banner-patternWe’re trying to organize the Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair to be as accessible as possible. We understand that accessibility looks different for each person.

Physical Accessibility

The space that we’re having the event in – YWCA Hamilton’s Senior’s Centre – is physically accessible. There are accessible bathrooms – both gendered and non-gendered bathrooms – ramps and lots of space between tables to get around.

We try to have a scent-free space. We ask that you do not wear perfume, cologne, or other scented products.

Financial Accessibility

The entire zine fair – workshops, tables of awesome zines, quiet space, and zine challenge – is free to attend!

We ask for $10 for each table, but are offering lots of free tables for folks who can’t afford the tabling fee. Contact if you would like a free table.

Creating a World Without Violence

SACHA is working to end violence and oppression.  We live in a culture that normalizes violence. Violence can include sexual violence, sexism, racism, poverty, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, colonialism, and many other oppressions.

We choose to prioritize the safety and well being of survivors of violence and abuse. If you have a concern about someone’s behaviour at HFZF please connect with an organizer.


Events can be a great place to practice consent and asking permission.

Two great places to start are asking permission to take someone’s photo and asking what pronouns folks prefer to use.

What Does Accessibility Mean to You?

If you have questions about the event or would like us to know what accessibility at events means to you, please contact



Inspired by Toronto Queer Zine Fair’s Safe Space and Accessibility


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