Creative Healing Group at SACHA


watercolor strawberries SACHA has a new support group for survivors which uses art activities to help in the healing process.

This eight week group starts on Tuesday, September 30th.  The group is open to women-identified folks who have experienced sexual violence at some time in their lives.

We ask folks to register for the group and be able to attend all eight weeks.  Call a SACHA counsellor to register as space is limited – 905.525.4573.

But I’m Not An Artist!
You don’t need to have any background in art to participate! Come out and take some creative chances with us.

I’m Nervous About Talking…
Being a survivor of sexual abuse can be really difficult to talk about. Art based activities can offer a chance to express ourselves in ways than can feel safer.

I’m Not Sure…
Lots of folks have questions or concerns about group. If you are interested at all, please call SACHA to chat with a counsellor about Creative Healing – 905.525.4573.

watercolor leaves


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