Get To Know Your Ontario Sexual Assault Centres


This winter the Ministry of Attorney General in sent questionnaires to all of the Ontario Sexual Assault Centres.

For those of us who are working or volunteering at Sexual Assault Centres, we can forget that not everyone knows about the work that we are doing to support survivors and end violence.

Not only was there really interesting information shared, but to see it grouped together was quite powerful.

Did you know?

  • 1972 the first Sexual Assault Centre (SAC) in Ontario opened.  Our newest Ontario SAC was created in 2012.
  • Thirty-one English speaking and ten French speaking Sexual Assault Centres completed the questionnaire.
  • Combined Ontario SAC’s answered 37 000 crisis/support line calls in a year.
  • Half of the calls were during the daytime, thirty-three percent in the evening and seventeen percent were after midnight and before nine in the morning.
  • Across Ontario 9060 people got face-to-face service from Sexual Assault Centres.
  • Across Ontario 165 counsellors are working at Sexual Assault Centres.
  • The average number of years experience per counsellor is ten years and the median number of years experience is eight years.
  • Two-thirds of SAC’s reported having difficulty finding volunteers for lots of reasons: traumatizing/difficult work, socio-economic or demographic characteristics of the regions (ex: aging population, rural with lack of transportation, volunteers seeking paid jobs, etc.), and difficulties attracting French-speaking volunteers at French SAC’s.

theme_01More info!

To find out more about French speaking Sexual Assault Centres in Ontario visit Action ontarienne contre la violence faite aux femmes and for more information on Ontario English speaking Sexual Assault Centres visit Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres.



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