Derek Mellor Update


On Tuesday, July 15 Hamilton police officer Derek Mellor’s hearing was delayed again.

Derek Mellor has admitted to inappropriate sexual behaviour with witnesses or victims in human trafficking investigations which has caused many Hamiltonians to speak out.

From CHCH:

A cop accused of exploiting the victims of a human trafficking ring will remain a Hamilton Police Service employee for at least another four months. A hearing for Sgt. Derek Mellor — a 14-year veteran — was delayed today because his lawyer was sick.

Derek Mellor was supposed to right the wrongs inflicted on a number of female victims by a human trafficking ring here in Hamilton. Instead, he had sex, with three of them.

A petition has been started asking for Mellor’s dismissal from Hamilton Police.

In a letter to the Hamilton Spectator SACHA and the Elizabeth Fry Society stated:

Of serious concern is that Mellor hopes to continue to serve as a police officer.  Anything short of Mellor’s complete dismissal would send a concerning message to the community, including survivors, about a lack of police accountability.


Lee Prokaska wrote to the Spectator frustrated about the slow moving hearings:

The financial cost of delay is perhaps easiest to discern in Police Services Act matters, during which officers are suspended with pay pending the outcome of their trials. Former Hamilton police inspector David Doel, for example, faced 13 serious charges under the act. He took home more than $550,000 while suspended; manipulation of the system resulted in Doel retiring before the charges were dealt with.

A new date has been set for the hearing – November 3rd, 2014.



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